31 Ways Guys Say 'I Love You' Without Any Words

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Does He Love Me? How To Tell If A Guy Likes (Or Even Loves) You
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It should be really easy to say, "I love you". After all, it's just three little words, and saying them doesn't exactly summon earthquakes and fire-breathing dragons, right?

So why is saying I love you so hard for so many men to do — especially when a guy is already sending you plenty of signs he likes you a lot, and probably is already in love with you?

Personally, I think it's because, as a woman, you often don't know to tell if a guy really does likes you as much as you like him, so you tend to put a ton of extra weight on whether or not you hear those specific words.

But a true, authentic "I love you" expresses emotions and sentiments that mean far more than words alone could ever communicate.

Instead of asking yourself questions like, "Does he really like me? Does he really and truly love me", maybe you just need to understand that actions can, indeed, speak louder than words.

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The harsh reality is that a guy could say I love you ten times a day, and it would still mean nothing at all if he doesn't treat you in a manner that shows you just how much he cares.

If you want to know how to tell if a guy likes you — and possibly even loves you — look for these 31 signs he's been saying "I love you" without risking his heart by using those three oh-so-terrifying little words.

1. He texts you a cat meme.

2. He brings you coffee first thing in the morning.

3. He gives you a pet name.

4. He smiles at you while you're talking a blue streak about nothing at all.

5. He's happy just to sit with you and say nothing at all.

6. He tells you what he's afraid of most in the world.

7. He says you're his best friend.

8. He laughs at your farts without shame or fear.

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9. He doesn't take you for granted.

10. He hugs you in the middle of a stupid fight and it makes everything okay.

11. He lets you pick the radio station on a long drive.

12. He agrees to take swing dancing lessons.

13. He talks to you in his sleep.

14. He can't cook, but he makes you dinner anyway.

15. He shows you embarrassing childhood photos.

16. He says you look beautiful without makeup on.

17. He wakes you up early because he wants to be with you.

18. He lets you sleep in because he knows when you wake up you have to leave.

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19. He doesn't say a word when you're PMS-ing.

20. He goes to see the new Bridget Jones movie with you.

21. He hates fish, but he goes for sushi because he knows you love it.

22. He changes that one light bulb you can't reach.

23. He plays with your dog.

24. He tolerates your cat (and the cat tolerates him back).

25. He pretends your best friend's baby doesn't terrify him.

26. He gives you the perfect foot rub.

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27. He kisses the top of your head.

28. He stares at you for no particular reason with a smile in his eyes.

29. He makes you laugh so hard it feels like you're going to pop.

30. He pushes you outside of your comfort zone.

31. He lets you push back when your comfort zone is so much nicer than camping in 20-degree weather.

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