How To Make 69 Your New Favorite Sex Position (Even If You HATE IT!)

Oral sex is fabulous. So fabulous, in fact, that it shouldn’t be limited to one person at a time.

How To Make 69 Your New Favorite Sex Position weheartit

69 is an adventurous oral sex position that’s perfect for when both of you are in the receiving mood. With simultaneous oral sex, you and your partner can be pleasured at the same time. A win-win!

With this girl-on-top position, you also get control. If your partner is being a bit too forceful, you can move your hips up and away from his or her mouth. On the other hand, if they’re not quite meeting you all the way, you can push your hips back down, and buck them to a motion that pleases you.


Meanwhile, you control the speed and depth of your oral sex maneuvers, so you won’t end up gagging on your man’s member — unless you’d like to. Your partner’s hands are also free to please you on you clit, g-spot, or ass, and you can even lend a hand as you please her, give him oral, or cup a ball or two.

Name: 69

Type: Oral,  Girl on Top

Difficulty: Adventurous

Intensity: Moderate

Perfect For: Clitoral Stimulation, G-Spot Stimulation, Small Penis, Large Penis, Marathons, Beginners, Romance, Car Sex



The 69 position is pretty self-explanatory, right?

Just like the two numbers positioned on top of each other; you climb on top of him, face his feet, and straddle his face, with your lady bits positioned right above his mouth. Then, you lean forward to place your mouth on his penis, completing the 69. Be sure you’re both comfortable; propping your partner’s head up with some pillows may help.

Don’t worry if either of you loses focus. With both of you on the receiving end of pleasure, it’s bound to happen!

One of the most exciting aspects of this position is feeling your partner’s reaction as he or she starts to let go and reach the big O. If you want to keep the pleasure flowing, you can keep them on the edge as you slow down the pace, only to bring it back up again. If you’re the one who’s losing track of what your mouth is doing, let go and embrace the pleasure! Simply hearing your moans and feeling you get lost in the moment is arousing in and of itself … and it lets your partner know that he or she is doing a fabulous job.


Also, don’t be embarrassed about your ass in your partner’s face. If your man is interested in this position, it’s because he loves it! Your asshole doesn’t look nearly as bad to him as it does in your imagination. To clear away all your apprehension, go for a quick clean up in the bathroom before getting it on.

Make It Hotter



If you’re looking to make this super steamy position even hotter, the easiest way to do it is to get your hands in on the fun. The partner on the bottom will have an easy time doing this — but if you’re supporting yourself up, you may have to lean over and rest on one arm or elbow to get the job done.

Beyond that, there are several variations of the 69 that will give you both more comfort and pleasure.

If you’re starting to get tired, you can both roll onto your side for an adjusted 69 position, with your leg bent at the knee. You can even use each other’s thighs as a pillow to rest your head. With this variation, the “top” partner will be much more comfortable, and both will have easy access to all the right areas.

Both Cosmopolitan and Ask Men suggest that YOU should be on the bottom, with your man on top of you, straddling your face. I would highly recommend against this unless you love a face full of asshole. Ask Men even goes so far as to say that while the guy is on top, “You can ram your member down her throat at will” — but, don’t worry ladies, they followed it with a, “Kidding guys, you know better,” during which the writer was clearly saying, “AHHHURRR DURRR I’m so funny!”


Whether it’s a joke or not, this is exactly the kind of “joke” that encourages sexual force and rape culture. Beyond that, it’s a deplorable attitude that objectifies women, especially one who was kind enough to put her lips on some douche’s limp dick. This is exactly why I f*cking hate men’s magazines — and the men who read them. But I digress …

You can take the “guy on top” tip with a grain of salt and eyeful of pubic hair. In my opinion, it’s the worst tip ever.

Just Let Go



This classic position is beyond fabulous. Whether you’re into giving or receiving, both you and your partner will be lost in the pleasure from these two simple numbers combined.

Whether you like the clitoral or g-spot stimulation offered by some creative oral sex, you can get your partner’s hands in just the right places to explore all your erogenous zones.


Beyond that, it brings you and your partner closer together, with some serious stimulation and an incredibly climatic end.