Grandmas Try Fireball For The First Time And Get Golden Girl WASTED

Photo: YouTube
grandmas fireball whisky

If Golden Girls' resounding popularity has taught us anything, it's that the Internet loves to see grandmas behaving badly. Hell, Betty White has made her career out of being a feisty funny woman who isn't afraid to pull off astounding pranks on the generations that have followed hers.

Old people are sweet, special, and antiquated — and we kind of love it when they defy those stereotypes. So what's better than watching four lovely little grandmothers try Fireball Whisky for the first time in their lives?

We get to experience the delight (and varied other reactions!) of these mature older ladies getting down with a drink that promises to "...taste like heaven and burn like hell."


​While these women are no strangers to drinking (one even admits to hosting a wild party with one of the teams from the Olympics), it's clear that they're a bit nervous about trying it, which despite themselves, is still pretty adorable.


That sounds like one little old lady who knows how to get down. It's absolutely beautiful how excited they are.


These are some cool grandmas who will definitely be the life of the party no matter where they go. ​You can watch the entirety of this amazing video here: