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10 Quotes For People Who Wanna Lose Weight, But Also Love Tacos

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10 Quotes For People Who Wanna Lose Weight But Love Tacos

By Jenny Sugar

Soft tacos. Hard tacos. You don't discriminate. You could eat tacos any day of the week, not just on #TacoTuesday, and you've been known to eat tacos for breakfast. Too bad you're also trying to lose weight, because tacos do not count as a salad.

If you have a slight obsession with tacos, you'll relate to these quotes.

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1. Juicing? But... tacos

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juicing tacos

"I wanna start juicing but I'm hesitant because I don't know how to juice tacos."

2. Tacos > exercise

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"Today I'll exercise... Today I'll... Today... To... T... Ta... Tac... Tacos"

3. Yoga tip...

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taco yoga

"Yoga tip: inhale tacos, exhale negativity"

4. Head vs. heart

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head vs heart

"My head says gym but my heart says tacos."

5. Balance is key.

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some days

"Some days you eat salads and go to the gym. Some days you eat 20 tacos and drink margaritas. It's called balance."

6. #TacoTuesday

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taco tuesday

"The best thing about Monday is that tomorrow is Taco Tuesday."

7. I'm just a girl...

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just a girl

"I'm just a girl, standing in front of a salad, asking it to be 3 tacos, 2 margaritas and an order of queso."

8. Tacos vs. the gym

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tacos bars

"Tacos, bars & PRs"

9. I want a hot body, but...

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hot body

"I want a hot body but I also want tacos."

10. Follow your dreams.

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"Yesterday I really wanted tacos, now I'm eating tacos. Follow your dreams."


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