9 Simple Gestures That Make Men Obsessed With You

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Ever wonder what makes a guy differentiate a girl who’s always on his mind from a “hot chick who’s just alright”? The truth is that guys get hung up over the weirdest things at times, and gestures that you may think are really small actually can mean the world to them.

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Don’t believe it? Here's how to make a man obsessed with you all by learning how to flirt. Seriously, these are some of the simple little things that make men melt in all the right ways.

1. Give him a genuine compliment.

Forget just telling him that he’s hot. Tell him how much you love his musical talent, or the way that his hugs make you feel safe. Guys so rarely get complimented that it will stand out and keep them glowing for days afterwards.

2. Cook something really nice for him.



Whoever first said that the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach was a wise, wise woman. Most men will not remember when a girl does his laundry, but they will remember when a girl cooks him a mouthwatering meal. And if he’s a foodie, he will fall for you when he sees you make a mean steak tartare.

3. Tell him, “I appreciate you.”

The truth is that it’s really easy for men these days to feel unappreciated. Hearing these three words basically is the quickest, simplest way to make a man feel like a man.

4. Look into his eyes, deeply.

Eye contact is one of the few scientifically proven ways to increase bonding between two people. By mastering a good “bedroom gaze,” you can have him turn into putty in your hands.

5. Have a signature scent or look.

Men are simple creatures. If they notice that you always smell a certain way or wear a certain lipgloss, they’ll start associating that smell with you, and it will become an aphrodisiac. Signature scents and looks are so rare that guys naturally just pick up on it.

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6. Glomp him if he’s shy.

If a guy feels shy or a bit intimidated around you, there’s one way to make sure that you’ll keep a special place in his heart. Make the first move, and if he likes what he’s seeing, just start kissing him and see where it goes.

Most guys, particularly shy guys, really get into it. And since he probably has never had it happen before, it’ll be a huge ego-booster, too.

7. Say “no” when he gets too aggressive.

Is he the kind of guy that can have any girl he wants? Throw him for a loop by being standoffish. Setting boundaries with guys who are used to girls being “done deals” makes them get a little loopy and makes them respect you more. It’s a good thing, long- and short-term.

8. Grab his booty.

Guys love it when they see a girl objectify them just a bit. Don’t ask why. It's just the way it is.

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9. Try out something kinky that he’s into.

You’d be surprised at how many guys have fantasies that long-term girlfriends never really let them indulge in. By being that fantasy girl, you’ll have him hooked on your sex... and it’s quite likely he’ll get hooked on everything else, too.

The bottom line is that most men really don’t feel appreciated by the women in their lives. If you offer appreciation and positivity, they’ll remember you for years to come. It’s just that simple.

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