Dogging: The British Sex Craze You've Probably NEVER Heard Of

It has NOTHING to do with walking your dog.

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The word dogging sounds innocent enough. If you heard it, you might think someone was talking about taking a number of dogs on a walk, or maybe participating in an Alaskan dog race. But dogging is actually the practice of having sex with someone in a public place while others watch on. 

Dogging has been a thing in England for a while now, and has expanded to people (often more than two) having sex in a parked car in a car park (British for parking lot), or other spots after having spread the word about where they'd (people having sex) be via the internet.


Many times, the spectators masturbate while watching. There are even places that have become known as being the best place to go if you're in the mood for dogging. We have something similar in the States called parks, where you can go and watch public sex if you're so inclined.

Dogging combines voyeurism, exhibitionism, group sex, mutual masturbation, and the power of the internet, making it a popular way to get off in England.



It seems strange that the more sexually experimental Americans haven't embraced dogging the way that the Brits have. Maybe it's our Puritanical roots, or maybe we like to watch porn from the safety of our own homes.

In Britain, dogging falls through the legal loophole as it's not an offense... unless it's witnessed by someone who is outraged by the goings on. 

I have to wonder: isn't half the fun of public sex not knowing if you're going to get caught? I mean, car sex is uncomfortable and you don't normally choose to bone in a car unless there are reasons (for example, you're a teen, or your roommate is home). I'm also wondering what having copious amounts of semen sprayed on your car does to your paint job.

Since dogging is trendy in the UK, they have all kinds of things devoted to it — websites that list dogging hot spots, forums for people almost caught by the police, dogging porn, and even a feature film that was originally called Dogging: A Love Story, but now can be found under the title, Public Sex


The IMDB description of Public Sex reads, "An aspiring journalist drops his inhibitions to research the UK's outdoor sex scene. He meets a certain girl in a car park and the totally unexpected happens." That's one thing that they didn't cover in Downton Abbey: The UK's outdoor sex scene. 

However, like Downton Abbey, there are a number of etiquette rules that one must follow when dogging: if your car light is off, you are indicating that you want to be left alone; if your light is on, you definitely want people to watch. 



The theory is that the term came from men who were walking their dogs and came upon people having sex. It's strange, though, how dogging can be such a phenomenon in the United Kingdom and virtually unknown here.

So if someone invites you to go dogging with them, make sure you're on the same page as they are, especially if exhibition and/or group car sex isn't your thing.