20 Pick Up Lines For Ladies — Inspired By The REAL Words Of Donald Trump

Move over, Casanova.

donald trump pick up lines

I love pick up lines. I love cheesy pick up lines, I love sweet pick up lines, I like funny but charming pick up lines. 

In many respects, I think they are a dying art form, another piece of the courtship rituals of old that's slowly but surely going away forever.

Maybe this is a good thing. I mean, as funny as it is for a man to approach you at a bar saying "you with all those curves and me with no brakes," it's also ridiculously sexist. Plus it takes a special kind of guy to pull off pick up lines like that one without sounding like a creep extraordinaire. 


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If men like Donald Trump are going to be taken seriously on the national stage, it's more important than ever that we don't let men think that the mistreatment of women is ever okay, even if that mistreatment is a bad pick up line.

It is in this spirit that I have come up with these pick up lines inspired by actual things Donald Trump has said. But here's where it gets fun.

Oh, and these pick up lines aren't for dudes, they're for ladies. Let's see how the other half likes it! 

1. "Your penis must be ISIS, because I am going to destroy it."


2. "I like my men the way I like my coffee, with a festive seasons greetings on the cup, STARBUCKS." 

3. "If you aren't Mexico, why is there such a wall between us?"


4. "Heidi Klum might no longer be a 10, but you sure are!"

5. "Rosie O'Donnell must have just walked into the room because I want to get disgusting with you." 


6. "Has anyone ever told you that you look like my daughter? It's a compliment, trust me." *Now pinch his butt*

7. "I'd go south of your border even if it meant having to fight murderers AND rapists." 


8. "You're fly's undone. Let me get that for you." *Grab crotch and do not let go."

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9. "You're too beautiful to be real, just like global warming."


10. "I'm going to make your orgasms great again."

11. "Let's make a sex tape together. I promise I won't tell anyone, unless you cross me." 


12. " You can be pro-choice as long as one of those choices is eating me out." 

13. "Is that an illegal alien in your pants or are you just worried I'll deport you?"


14. "Want a Tic-Tac?"

15. "Go ahead, ruffle my hair." 


16. "Just like the word 'Latino', I'm enjoying using you for the first time." 

17. "I promise I won't fire you until you come at least three times." 


18. "Bring your crooked Hillary over here, I'll straighten it right out."

19. "I wanna Putin my boob in your mouth." 


20. "If you were my guy, I'd let you delete all the emails you wanted." 

21. "Like all women, I've got a big mouth. HUGE." *wink aggressively* 


22. "Baby you could play my woman card whenever you want."