You Can Watch A Film With REAL Sex On Netflix Right Now

It's hot and it doesn't hold anything back.

You Can Now Watch A Film With REAL Sex On Netflix Right Now weheartit

Want to watch something a little bit racier than your standard romance film?

Look no further, because despite not having any "dirty" films in its repertoire, Netflix is carrying this one, and oh yes, it is seedy.

Love was the first film to employ 3D nudity when it premiered at the Cannes Film Festival, which is both pretty impressive and slightly terrifying at the same time. It's an explicitly sexual drama, and gave way to plenty of controversy despite its premiere in France, a land where on-screen nakedness flows like milk and honey.


The movie focuses on two people: Murphy, an American, and Electra, his Parisian lover. Their relationship is explosive, to say the least. But what really captured attention and made this film so unquestionably hot — or discomforting for some — was its use of "unsimulated sex acts." That means, yes, when you see the actors engaging in coitus on film, they really, really are going at it, a la the Discovery Channel.


This makes Love by far the dirtiest "dirty" film to air on Netflix. While there were many admirers of the depth of realism these actors devoted themselves to, there are others who wonder if its simply just a pornography film with a bit of a deeper, more intense romance plot.

The film's director, Gaspar Noé, wanted to break boundaries by making his film gritty and real, blurring the lines between acting and real life. His goal was to change the concept of how sexuality is portrayed onscreen, and there wasn't much they shied away from, including full male nudity, which is often avoided in favor of featuring naked women, a very typical industry double standard.

The film even shows a close up of Murphy's genitals as he's reaching climax, certainly a first for a mainstream non-porno movie.


While Love did reach to break boundaries, not all viewers were impressed with the sexual action on the screen. Owen Gleiberman, a critic who writes for the BBC, was less than moved by the rawness of what he saw between the actors. But he blames it, in large part, on the director's camera choices during these "long, unblinking takes."

Though the movie Love did certainly reach new heights in cinematography with its use of sexuality, it is, at its heart, a film about two people in a volatile relationship. If you're looking for a movie to cuddle up to your spouse or boyfriend with as the weather turns cold, then maybe take a chance on Love, because you probably won't notice the weather for very long.

Go ahead and watch it at any time of the day, in whatever room of the house you like. And if your roommate happens to walk in on a questionable scene, don't dive for the remote; just reassure them it's art, not pornography.