We Asked Men What They REALLY Think About Anal Sex

We weren't expecting that.

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When it comes to anal sex, everybody's got an opinion.

Some folks are curious and interested in anal sex, but inexperienced. Others are experienced and wish like heck that they weren't.

For straight men, having anal sex with a woman seems to be an item that HAS to be ticked off the sexual bucket list. But why? What is it about anal sex that men find so compelling?

I decided to ask my posse of anonymous men to tell me what exactly they think of anal sex. I *cough cough* eased them into it. 


What is it that men find so alluring about a woman's butt?

  • I'm not a butt person per se, but there are butts I like a lot. I like ones that have a nice, pleasing curve. But I also like the other extreme, the "no-butt" butt. I also like butts that feel strong. 
  • It's animal, hard to define. Probably pre-dates the missionary position.
  • I have absolutely no idea. I do not share the sentiment. The whole butt trend of 2010's is baffling. 
  • Symmetry, smooth skin, strong muscles. 
  • The way the back of the legs and butt come together. 
  • I like the shape and the way it moves.
  •  I find the shape pleasing to look at and also enjoy the tactile sensation of touching one. As someone who enjoys spanking as part of his sexuality there is an additional appeal from the fetish perspective.
  • Honestly, people are just programmed to love butts. The only practical reason I can think of is that intercourse with a skinny butted person is more stressful on the pelvic bone.
  • I can't speak for "men." For me, I love the feel of a woman's butt — it's soft, but also has a firmness to it; it's something nice to run my hands over the curve of, or press against (at least in the ideal case, for me). And looking at a nice butt enjoyably brings that feeling to mind.

What is it that men find so alluring about putting their penis into a woman's butt?
  • I'm not a big butt sex person, but if she's submissive and we can play with it as a violation that's hot. And I've been with women who make different, sexy sounds when having their butts played with, and I find that hot as I'm very aural.
  • Probably it's mostly porn and toxic masculinity telling us that it is ooohh soo good. 
  • I guess it's a dominating behavior, a desire to use every orifice possible to complete an imagined sexual conquest. 
  • I have no idea.
  • Men want to put their penis everywhere, a butt is just another in a long list.
  • I've heard it has something to do with tightness? 
  • Because it's possible! 
  • Would it be cliche to say it's the taboo aspect of it? Also, it's a turn on for me to see my partner getting pleasure from all sorts of things, especially things that aren't "supposed" to be pleasurable, like anal sex, or spanking, or being tied up.


Is anal sex a regular part of your sex life? Why or why not?

  • It's a rarity for me, mostly done at the request of partners or desire to conquer an unconquered part of a woman's body (consciously, explicitly, and playfully). It doesn't feel better to me than a vagina, and it involves more effort and consideration. I prefer to be more spontaneous with my fucking.
  • It is not because she doesn't like it. Fear of infection, the whole thing being quite dirty, and pain.
  • No. Because it's just not that fun.
  • No. I'm not interested and my partner isn't inclined either.
  • Not. I've only met 2 that implicitly said: I like it in the ass.
  • No. Vaginal sex is so much nicer for my partner and I. Also, there's a lot of prep for anal that is just too much prep.
  • It is an irregular part of my sex life... mostly because most women are not really all that turned on by it.
  • I do not find it alluring to put a penis into a woman's butt.
  • Never. Wife says I'm too big. Not a huge priority for me.
  • No. My wife doesn't enjoy it, and if she's not enjoying it, I'm not going to.