9 Little Gestures That Mean, Yes Girl, He's Into You

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9 Little Gestures That Mean He's Into You

You met someone and you're in the new stage in which you're really not sure where you stand with him or where things are heading. So what happens next? It's the game of love — or heartbreak.

You two do that dating tango: the dance in which you decide if you're really in sync with each other or not. But before you decide to get on your metaphorical dancing shoes, pay attention to all of the little things.

It's not the BIG huge gestures of affection and sweeping statements that really indicate a man is ready to say 'I love you'. Talk is cheap. Anyone can say they love you (or is into you), but the reality is, it's the little gestures a man does every day, on occasion, or on a whim that shows just how in love with you he is... or isn't.

Here are the 9 little gestures that say 'I love you' without saying a word: 

1. He fixes up the house.

If your new dude-to-potentially-be is offering to be Mr. Fixer Upper, chances are high that he's "fixing" to score you as well. He wants to help take some of the DIY burden off your shoulders and give the place in which you dwell a lot of love. Why? Because he probably loves you, too, at least a little.

2. He just decided to drop by.


Sure, stalkers do this, too, but in theory, a man who is really into you shows his cards when he just decides to drop by for no reason. This means he's craving to see you and can't wait for an excuse to ask to view your lovely face. This is a tiny but huge gesture that shows where you are in his heart.

3. He has to touch you.

Any guy can grab your ass or try to get you in bed. A man that is a little crazy over you will have to touch you, even while he's reading his texts, watching the game or standing nearby. The small of your back. Your neck. Your hand. Your hair. He absolutely cannot control himself. He must touch you.

4. He remembers everything you say.


He doesn't say, "I love you" or "Be with me," but he remembers everything you do say to him like, what your favorite Madonna song is or the details of your epic sibling battles. He remembers because he pays attention and wants to understand everything that makes you, you.

5. He opens the door for you.

He's gentlemanly because he wants you to know caring for you and respecting a woman he's really into (even if he hasn't told you how he feels yet) is important.

6. He says "Good night" and "Good morning".


This man may be busy and not have time to chat much, but he'll be damned if he doesn't say good night and good morning to his favorite new lady. Yup, that's you girl! Be patient. He is going to melt any day now.

7. He can't leave you sad.

The man that is into you will move heaven and earth if he thinks his new beauty is tear-stricken, worried, or upset. He will do whatever it takes — in small but mega-important gestures like listening, offering a hug, and remembering what you said that will tell you loudly and clearly: This man cares for you.

8. He looks at you when you're not looking.


You'll never know exactly if he's doing this, but one of the tiny but mighty ringers that a man is enamored with a lady, is the fact that his eyes don't quit. He has to look at you. You could be sleeping or turned away from him, and his eyes are on you.

9. He can't stop the kiss.

A man who finds you sexy will be "all up in your personal dance space" to take off those clothes, but a man who is really into you the person? He can't stop the kiss. He has to kiss your forehead. Cheeks. Hands. Lips. Eyelids. He cannot stop kissing you. He just won't settle for it.

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