25 Ways She Tells You She Loves You (Without Saying A Word)

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It shouldn't be so hard to say I love you. After all, it's just three little words, right? But it is amazing just how much weight they carry.

There are people who are trigger-happy when it comes to talking about love. Little kids will throw their arms around your neck with wild abandon and cheer "I love you," even if you've only been babysitting them for a week.

When we are young, telling someone we love them is like taking a breath, it comes naturally and easily and we are not afraid of making ourselves vulnerable because nothing has hurt us yet. 

But as we get older, "I love you" goes from being easy to say, to too hard to say ... Then suddenly it's not enough to just say it. 

Because once we're grown up, we learn that loving someone is about more than just saying the words — it's about doing the hard work of love. 

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That's why, if you want to know if she loves you, look at what she does, not what she says. 

Here are 25 ways she tells you she loves you, without saying a word:

1. When she's squeezing your hand 

And you squeeze it right back.

2. When she just looks at you and doesn't say anything at all 

Is she plotting your murder? Who knows.

3. When she invents a million silly pet names for you

Some of them are cute, and some of them shouldn't be mentioned in front of family.

4. When she likes all of your posts

And then unlikes them so she can like them again.

5. When she tries to win over your cats

It's not her fault they hate everything and everyone.

6. When she isn't scared to cry in front of you

Big fat crocodile tears too.

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7. When she goes out of her comfort zone to try something you love

She might not like sushi, but she did it for you.

8. When she texts you to tell you about her lunch

Even if it was just an egg salad.

9. When she sends you a makeup-free selfie

She's still the most beautiful woman you've ever seen.

10. When she cooks for you

And then you smile as she tries to cook without knowing anything.

11. When she rolls her eyes at you

It's never with malicious intent.

12. When she loses her temper

This might be with malicious intent.

13. When she reaches out to you in the middle of the night

Just to end up taking the blanket from your side.

14. When she tugs your ear lobes 

Sometimes she does it too hard.

15. When she names your penis 

The cute little guy isn't the best name for it, but at least she did it.

16. When she misses you like crazy

And you miss her craziness.

17. When she asks you for what she needs

Communication is the sexiest thing.

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18. When she trusts you with her heart

It's the most precious thing you own.

19. When she expects you to tell her the truth 

And you should because you have nothing to hide.

20. When she farts in front of you AND jokes about it

And then you fart right back, and it ends up in a competition.

21. When she gives you a shelf in the bathroom 

You have no idea how, as she owns so many skin care products.

22. When she reminds you to take your medicine 

You wouldn't be a sane person without them, or her.

23. When she runs out of things to say and doesn't force the conversation

Sometimes silence with someone you love is the best thing.

24. When she watches you get dressed in the morning with shining eyes

You've never looked sexier to her.

25. When she wraps her arms around you and makes you swear that you will never let her go

How could you? She's really squeezing you.

Love is one of the best things any of us can do. It takes courage to be vulnerable enough to find what and who you want, so never let anyone tell you otherwise.

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