7 Reasons I'll NEVER Be A 'Netflix & Chill' Kind Of Girl

Let's Netflix and not, mmkay?

I’m Not A Netflix And Chill Type Of Person weheartit

I’m not going to lie: I’ve been approached and asked if I want to catch an episode or two on Netflix by guys I liked. Unfortunately for them, this made me dislike them.

Fickle as it may sound, the fact is that I’m not a "Netflix and chill" type of girl — and the entire concept really is a turn-off for me. I don’t think I’m the only one who feels this way, either.

If you think about it, the entire concept is really lame... even if you’re just looking to f*ck. Here’s why:


1. It’s a sh*tty, thinly-veiled attempt at just getting sex.


Seriously, this is the worst part about it. You know that if you agree, the guy wants sex. You know that you’re not going to watch the show. You know that if he’s pulling this, he’s not into a relationship.


Why not just be blunt about it, and talk about it like normal people? Would it kill you to get on the same page with your potential friend with benefits?

2. It’s lazy.

I don’t think I’m asking too much when I say I expect a little creativity from any guy who tries to sleep with me. Don’t tell me it’s Netflix and chill night. Tell me it’s motel room and weird sex toy night. Show some creativity, and maybe, just maybe, the sex might be better for both of us.

3. It’s cheap.



Look, I know how bad it is to be broke. I know how it is to have to pay rent. Trust me, I know the struggle of making ends meet.

But if you’re going to go for this thinly-veiled bullsh*t of a "date idea," can you at least buy a bottle of wine or take me out to Buffalo Wild Wings or something? No girl wants to screw a cheap guy.

4. The cheapness, laziness, and generally "f*ckboy" attitude of Netflix and chill offends me.

Part of me gets offended when I have a guy ask if I want to catch shows on Netflix. Like, do I matter that little that he won’t even put in any effort into a date? Am I so "not worth anything but sex" enough to not warrant a little bit of creativity?


Really? Like, how am I supposed to take this? Because, honestly, it hurts. I’d put in effort for a one-night stand, why should he not extend the same courtesy?

5. I get a nagging feeling that I’m the "other woman" if a guy asks me for Netflix and chill.


Don’t ask me why, but I find it a lot slimier to have a "Netflix and chill" session than a straight-up, brutally honest sex session. There’s a certain amount of shadiness that this kind of hookup has, you know? It’s not as overt as going outside to a hotel.

It can be used (albeit, poorly) as an excuse for having a random girl in your bedroom while your girlfriend is away. I don’t want to be surprised by some chick calling me asking if I know he has a girlfriend.


6. "Netflix and chill" is the mating call of f*ckboys.

Since f*ckboys tend to infuriate me on a number of levels, you can obviously see why this would be an issue with me. I don’t like that attitude towards dating and women, and as a result, being asked to just watch Netflix is a major turn-off.

7. I’ve never had truly good sex from a "Netflix" meet-up.



Truth be told, I’m beginning to wonder if a common trait among men who use this dating tactic is that they all suck in bed. Like, is this some slick way guys signal that they’re bad in bed? Do I need to be aware of something?

Someone tell me if I missed out on a bad sex trend, OK?