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An Open Letter To F*ckboys

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An Open Letter To Fuckboys

Hey you,

Yeah, you. All of you. This is for you, the f*ckboy who is talking to five different women, all promising them a future together. And it's also for you, the f*ckboy who badgers women for nudes on a near-constant basis. I wouldn't forget you, the f*ckboy who sends unsolicited dick pics. Nor have I missed you, the f*ckboy who doesn't have any hobbies aside from going to the gym, getting laid, and bragging about it.

I have a couple of questions for you, on behalf of all women everywhere.

First off, I want to ask why you act the way you do. Why do you think your behavior is acceptable? Why all the focus on getting laid and being a player? Is this the form of masculinity you think you should embody? Are you so insecure that you need to stick your dick in women just to validate your existence?

You see, I'm under the assumption that you, as a f*ckboy, want to show off your manliness. I've always thought that guys think that being manly means being strong, being a leader, doing what's right because it's right.

I've heard so many men wax poetic about how they want to cultivate hobbies, become deeper people, and improve their personalities because that's what real mean do. I like their idea of what masculinity is, and actually cherish the fact that many men see those ideals as important aspects of masculinity.

If that's what masculinity is, why is it that you think that being a man means hurting other people for your own selfish gains? Why is it that you seem content  no, proud  to have all the depth and personality of a shoebox?

Why is it that so many f*ckboys seem oh-so-boastful of having others work to support them while they sit on their lazy asses? Why is it that so many f*ckboys see it as acceptable to bail and cheat on their wives, girlfriends, and mothers of their children as soon as it gets rough? Is this what you think being a “real man” is all about?

Why is it that you flip out when people call you on your sh*t? Could it be that you know that your behavior is appalling and morally f*cked up? Why is it that you need to invalidate people by calling them "crazy" because they actually see through your charade?

Considering your incessant braggadocio about how you're hot sh*t and the best guy ever, I'd assume that, as the best guy ever, you'd want to correct your behavior. Wouldn't that mean that you're not the best guy ever? Surely it couldn't mean that you, Mr. F*ckboy, aren't the hot sh*t that you think you are?

Moreover, why is it that you f*ckboys can't ever seem to restrain yourselves when you hear girls complain about men online? Is it because you know that you're hurting women with your foul behavior and hate to see the fallout from your sh*tty actions? Is it because you know you're a perpetrator of the same things that women complain about?

Why is it that, whenever a girl raises a valid concern about the terrible acts of one guy, your immediate reaction is to go into a "not all guys" tirade? Or do you seriously think that the world revolves around you, and you alone, and that every woman's complaint about men is a direct comment on you?

Next, I want to ask about how you got to this point because modern girls can't figure this out. At what point in your life did you wake up and decide that women are lesser creatures? At what point did you think you're entitled to infinite chances after you wrong women time after time? At what point did you decide that you hate women, even the ones you never met?

If you don't hate women, please correct me. Many of us just assume, because you treat your "girlfriends" like sh*t, that you hate women. After all, using women with little regard to their feelings, lashing out in anger if you're rejected, cheating on them — these actions aren't what normal people will do to people they supposedly like. These, my little f*ckboys, are actions that reflect hatred, contempt, and disdain.

Many women think someone must have hurt you to the point that you were consumed by hate. What woman, dare I ask, hurt you to the point that you turned into a spineless coward incapable of loving anyone but himself? Others simply wonder, what woman raised you to think that you should be entitled to sex, shelter, and constant forgiveness regardless of what you do?

Lastly, I want to ask something very blunt. Surely, you know that people age and that looks fade. You should know by now that looks and money will only carry you so far. Right now, your genre of men's typical personality is vapid, caustic, and downright boorish.

You do realize no one will actually want to stay with you in the long run, once they see the real you, right? You do realize you will be left all alone because of how shallow and selfish you are, right?

Take a good look in the mirror, sweetie. Can you do that and actually feel proud of the person staring back at you? Can you do that and actually feel comfortable with the future that lies in front of you? Can you do that without lying to yourself? Can you?

Can you do us women a favor and just stay away from us all? Please?


Someone Fed Up With Your Sh*t