This Man Looks Like An Exact Mix Of Justin Bieber And Zayn Malik

What kind of magic is this?!

This Man Looks Like An Exact Mix Of Justin Bieber And Zayn Malik Getty Images

What do Zayn Malik and Justin Bieber have in common?

Where to begin? Zayn and Bieber both are pop stars. 

Zayn Malik makes us all groove sexy-like in our cars to "Pillowtalk" and Justin Bieber and his naked body inspires us all to magnanimous degrees of forgiveness with his hit track "Sorry". 



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Both of the dudes are also notorious ladies men, which is hilarious to me because I am 33 and my taste in men tends to be of the grizzled variety (here's looking at you, Harvey Keitel).  So whenever I read about Zayn Malik or Justin Bieber play-acting at being Lotharios I'm all "Lol, these are literally children". 


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Other things the two have in common? They probably both have an excellent wardrobe of shirts that show off their hairless chests and each own easily five hundred dollars worth of hair products. God, the hair products. Can you imagine? You know they've got the good stuff. 


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It turns out that these pop heartthrobs have something else in common: an apparent love child they fathered together:

His name is David Carrera and in addition to being the spitting image of Justin and Zayn, he is also a model. He may not be an actual angel but clearly he gestated in heaven. SEXY heaven. 


Okay, so obviously Zayn and Justin didn't procreate together (a pity, if you ask me), but you'd never know that was the case looking at Carrera. 

Daaaaayum this Spanish model is fine. I mean, if we're being totally honest he's probably hotter than either of his two dads. You know I'm right.


A fan first spotted a pic of Carrera and quickly noticed just how much the model looked like Zayn and Bieber. His pic was shared on Twitter and the world fell to its knees, humbled before a new god.

Seriously though, look at those eyes, that chin! THE HAIR YOU GUYS. 

I hope he's stupid because it simply wouldn't be fair for god to make one dude that handsome AND give him killer brains. 

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If you aren't following Carrera on Twitter you should definitely do that. If only because it's very nice every once in a while to get an unexpected hotness injection in your timeline.


Neither Zayn Malik nor Justin Bieber have commented on the model and his uncanny resemblance to them both. But I think it would be a pretty awesome PR move to hire the dude to appear in the music video for some as-of-yet-unwritten duet Zayn and Justin will record together. 

Until that happens, I'll survive just staring at these sexy pics. HE HAS AN ACTUAL PUPPY YOU GUYS.

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Editor's Note: This article was originally posted on September 13, 2016 and was updated with the latest information.