13 Secret VERY Dirty Jokes In Disney Films You Probably Missed

Disney animators, you are BAD!

13 Secret Dirty Jokes I Disney Films. disney/pixar

You know you can count on Disney movies for entertainment for the whole family. There’s nothing objectionable in their movies... or is there?

We've all seen a Disney animated film at least once. Or if you have kids or were a kid, thousands of times. Who doesn't know every single word to every song in Frozen or the nuances of dialogue in Cars?

There are times when we let our kids watch a Disney movie just to keep them entertained for awhile as we take a moment for ourselves. When we're a child, we tend not to look at Disney movies for their secret dirty jokes or innuendos — we just simply enjoy them. They're fun and colorful, and we can sing and dance along to the music.


One of the things everyone, young or old, enjoys about the Disney movies is the humor. There are funny jokes and visuals. Obviously, the many people who work on these films have a sense of humor, and often times they like to include a joke that only they're aware of.

Some of these jokes are so fast that if you blink, you'll miss them, or if you do catch them as a child, they go right over your head. Even adults can miss them if they're focused on something else and just not paying careful attention.

These adult jokes can make Disney movies a little more enjoyable for the parents who have to watch these movies over and over again with their children. In fact, if you were on your hundredth viewing of The Lion King, you'd probably look for anything that was different and out of the ordinary.


Most of the time these gags are lightning fast and even if you're aware of them, you can miss them. Here are 13 secret dirty jokes hidden in Disney films. Would you see them if you weren't expecting them?

1. Hercules

disney ebaumsworld

After Hercules hits the River Guardian, a horseshoe also hits him on the head, which causes a penis-shaped bump to rise up out of his head. Then the River Guardian's eyebrows conveniently morph into something that resembles a set of testicles.


2. Aladdin

disney bustle

"I thought the earth wasn't supposed to move until the honeymoon," Genie says. Sure, most little kids don't get that Genie is making a suggestive comment regarding post-marital sex, but their parents did.


3. Beauty and the Beast

disney cracked

Look carefully at the items on the table. There among the teapot, teacup, clock, and candlestick is a happy looking vibrator.


4. Toy Story 3

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"Hey, no one takes my wife's mouth but me!" says Mr. Potato Head. Yes, he literally means her mouth; he's not alluding to oral sex. Nope, not at all. Well, he is called Mr. Potato Head, after all.

5. Lion King

disney cracked

Are those sand dunes or breasts with very erect nipples?


6. The Rescuers

disney snopes

In the middle window, a topless woman can be clearly seen.

7. Cars

disney cracked

In the film Cars, the hidden joke isn't just dirty, it's in poor taste. You can see written on a van the words "free candy." Van + candy usually indicates a kidnapper and/or a pedophile.


8. Frozen

disney dorkly

"Foot size?" asks Kristoff about Hans.

"Foot size doesn't matter," says Anna.

Well, you know what they say about guys with big feet, and it isn't that they have big hearts.

9. Monsters, Inc.

disney emgn

Allegedly, there's a drawing next to the door in Monsters, Inc. of Uncle Roger doing Mommy from behind. However, it turns out that this picture was inserted later by someone not affiliated with Disney for a contest.


10. Beauty and the Beast 2

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"And every last inch of me's covered with hair," says Gaston making the innuendo that he has a hairy penis. Maybe some manscaping is in order?

11. The Little Mermaid

disney offbeat

There's a penis drawn into the castle on the video box cover for The Little Mermaid and Ursula doesn't look happy about it.


12. The Incredibles

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"Well, I think you need to be more... flexible," says Elastigirl. Clearly, she's not talking about when they're on a mission, but when they're having sex.


13. Peter Pan

disney cracked

You can easily see the shadow of Peter Pan's own lost boy.