Here's What Women REALLY Think About Your "Manscaping"

Photo: weheartit

The New York Times and GQ reference it on the regular and Jay-Z and P. Diddy have admitted to doing it … But is "manscaping" something that real, every day guys are doing?

“Absolutely,” says one expert, NormaJean Fusco, founder of NuFree, an antibacterial and antimicrobial hair removal system. NormaJean estimates that her male clientele is up 12 percent in the past five years. “It’s especially popular with men in warm climates, body builders, athletes, and men who simply want to be more presentable.”

“Manscaping” which according to Urban Dictionary is “to groom a man; the shaving, waxing, or removal of superfluous fur,” isn't just a sit-com punch line. It's definitely mainstream. But how do the ladies really feel about this trend? We asked real women what they really think ... and here’s what they told us.

1. Leave the gory details out. 

“I'd like to know it's been done, but I don't want to be involved in the details.”  — Vicky, 30

2. Hunting trip averted.

"Navigating the hair on a guy’s body is kind of like going hunting — do you want to walk through an overgrown, dirty forest with lots of weeds trying to find a deer? No — you'd like a nice, tidy forest with flowers, that smells nice and has paths that you can easily maneuver through — not that I support killing deer …"  — Brianna, 25

3. Know when to say, "when."

“It depends on which method of manscaping they’re using — the idea of a razor near male parts terrifies me (and I don't even have male parts). One time I made a sarcastic comment about how I liked manscaping and my boyfriend took it too seriously. He decided to 'trim up,' but just went too far and shaved EVERYTHING off. There are some things down there that should be hidden by hair. — Katherine, 25

4. Too close to home

“I have never been with a man with a hairy body. My men have always had bare chests and well-trimmed areas below. If a man has too much chest hair, it will remind me of the days when I was a little girl and my dad’s chest hair would poke out of his netted shirts when we were chilling at home watching TV. So please remove that chest hair. Thank you!” — Azhelle, 25 

5. "Cuddling with a cactus" = (Hard) NO

“I don't care if you're hairless or hairy, but I don't like it when men who are hairy shave it off … I don't like cuddling with a cactus. Ouch! That being said, I also can't navigate through a jungle nor would I like to, so keep it trimmed or opt for another kind of hair removal instead of shaving. Keep it under control!” — Alli, 25

6. Cuddling With Chewie

Chest hair is totally fine (my first crush was Tom Selleck), but back hair has got to go. I don't want to grab your back and feel like I’m petting Chewbacca — be considerate and manscape, fellas!” — Kelsey, 25

The verdict is in — most of you are pro-manscaping. Hair removal expert NormaJean Fusco also notices that it’s the “wives who often send their husbands in.” So, what’s a girl to do when her guy is getting a little rough ... er ... fluff around the edges?

Be a doll and set up an appointment for him at one of the Nufree salons nationwide. “Nufree is less painful,” according to NormaJean. And, we all know how men are with pain.