7 Men Reveal Difference Between Women They Love & Women They Have Sex With

And they're NOT holding back.

Men Reveal The Difference Between Women They Love And F*ck weheartit

Men are capable of treating a woman really well. We've all known that to be true, and hopefully, that includes in our personal lives. However, men will treat the women they care about a lot differently than the women they just enjoy for getting off and having casual sex with.

If they are considerate of your feelings, your time and your needs, that's a good indicator they may actually care about you. We asked men what the difference is between the women they care for and the women they just want for sex. Here are some signs they are into you beyond sex, or not.


1. "I have maintained interest in a woman I love."

"If it's a girl I want to have sex with once I have sex with her I lose interest in her completely... until I want to f*ck her again. If it's a girl I love, I don't lose interest, ever." —Anonymous

2. "I can actually talk to a woman I love."

"They have a actually more in common than in difference. I'm attracted by both and respect them the same, and I'm not interested in having sex with a woman I can't have a discussion with.

The difference would be that I would feel like spending 100 percent of my time with the women I love, when I will be wanting more space, alone time, or no schedule with the women I sleep with. There is no duty or commitment with women you have sex with that goes above friendship and respect." — Stephen, accountant


3. "I have more in common than raw physical appeal with a woman I love."

"Men tend to be more interested indifferent clusters of traits, such as trust, emotional stability and lifestyle compatibility (religion, culture, socio-economic background) when looking for a life partner than a good sex experience, where an element of danger and difference and raw physical appeal might dominate. But ultimately, I have found the best sex comes with the best loving." — Magnus Sullivan of ManShop.com.

4. "I'm gentler in bed with a woman I love."

"For me, it's pretty simple. When I truly love and care for a woman, I'm just somehow 'gentler' with her in the bedroom. We can still have sex, but it's not the same as some random woman you took home from a bar.


You sort of lose your inhibitions with a stranger because there's this mutual understanding that any judgment from either party doesn't matter. You won't see each other again. But when you love a woman, even the sex that you have has a certain degree of respect, because you genuinely care what she thinks and how she feels — and hope that she feels the same for you." — Anonymous

5. "I'll call you to do more than hook-up with a woman I love."

"If I let you take care of my needs and am selfish when it comes to yours, or if I never call you unless I'm interested in hooking up, sex is basically all I want from you." — Anonymous 

6. "I'm into her being into me."


"It's probably a cliché at this point, but it's entirely possible to have sex with someone whose two redeeming features are that you find them minimally acceptably attractive and somewhat enthusiastic about having sex with you. Periodically, you'll have sex with this person again if it wasn't terrible. You may even discover a third thing you like about the woman.

You may be put off if she doesn't text you back or get slightly jealous if you see her with another dude, but you're not thinking about what she may be doing when you don't have a boner." — Michael B., producer

7. "I don't care what she thinks of me beyond that she tolerates being naked with me."


"A woman you love must clear some hurdles beyond being thirsty. Unfortunately, the rest is personality and 'je ne sais quoi.' Sure, you can control your attitude and how nice you are, but humor, values, family and ambition aren't things you can readily change. A woman you love likes having sex, but also has a series of intangibles that make you enjoy her company outside of the boudoir." — Joe C., construction worker