10 Body Language Secrets That Reveal He's SUPER Into You

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Body Language He Shows That Says He's Really Into You

You met someone great. You're wondering if he's feeling the same, but you're afraid to ask. It might be too soon. You don't want to lose your cool or seem desperate.

Here's the good news: you can get the answer without asking. That's right, it's all in his body ... body language, that is.

Instead of popping that awkward question of, "Dude, are you into me?" you can watch his torso, hands and other body parts to see if he's totally down to be with you, or not.

Trust me, the body never lies. Unless of course, someone is under severe stress. In that case, it wouldn't be a great time to start a relationship with someone or hop in the sack. Stress ruins bedroom performance, anyway.

1. His torso faces you.


If he's talking to you and his upper body is squarely facing you, you might just be "his type of woman." If he's talking to you with his torso faced away from you, it's probably a "just friends situation."

Think of it this way: in the wild, do you think an animal looking to mate would have approached another animal sideways? I hate to be so basic but he will turn toward you if he's looking to go in for the kill.

2. He plays with his hair.

Ladies like to twirl their hair when they're feeling particularly anxious ... or horny and ready to mate. Men aren't much different. If he's running his hands through his hair (unless he's bald of course; or perhaps, in that case, rubbing his head) and facing you, he may be thinking about mating himself.


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3. He puffs his chest out.


In the wild, a chest out with pride certainly assumes a sense of confidence. The XY being isn't much difference. If his chest is out with pride, he's trying to show off his "metaphorical feathers," or maybe he's a raging narcissist. Let's hope for the former and not the latter.

4. He touches your back.

Isn't it the best when a man tenderly caresses your lower back? When he's trying to touch you in that spot  either to lead you, walk with you or just get close  he really likes you.


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5. He touches your thigh.


I should hope before he does this there's some sort of respect in the mix, but if he touches your thigh, he's clearly dying to get much closer to you than you realize.

6. He licks his lips.

Unless he's dying for lip balm and it's the middle of winter, licking lips can be a sign of anxiety or total attraction. Or hunger. Be still, it's most likely for you.


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7. He maintains eye contact.


Eye contact is the most basic way he's saying you matter to me. While some men, if on the autism spectrum or a shy man, may avoid contact, most guys who are attracted to a woman lock eyes.

8. He leans in.

He can hear you, trust me. If he leans in, it's because he wants to smell you and get closer in an appropriate but tangible way.


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9. He grazes any part of you.


It's not an accident. A graze is intentional. It's a test. And, of course, if he holds or rubs your hand, you're in. You're golden.

10. He touches your hair.

If you're not melting when someone touches your hair, you're crazy. But he's definitely into you if he's touching your hair. Just be careful he doesn't pull it. Grade school antics are so early-childhood era nonsense... unless it's in the bedroom.