How Men Are Making Their Penises WIDER For Your Pleasure

Go chode, or go home.

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Body insecurity isn't just a female issue. Nobody feels confident in their body 100% of the time except for probably RuPaul:



For women that insecurity might mean wanting their butt to look a little bit different. "Why can't my ass support a full tea tray?" I have been so often heard to moan, twerking my way tragically down the street. 

Guys tend to feel the same way about their penises. Let me clarify, guys aren't being like "Sob, my penis will not support this full Earl Grey tea service and platter of cucumber sandwiches", I mean, not to my knowledge. But men can and do feel more insecure about their penis size, much in the way that women can feel insecure about our boobs and butts. 

The debate over what the "perfect" penis size is rages on, as ever it will. But lately more and more on focusing on penis girth as the ultimate prize. (Here is where I pause to acknowledge that I am writing about dick thickness for work). 


Dr. Luis Casavantes says that he has been treating hundreds of men a year. These dudes come to the good doctor eager to get their penis not longer, but thicker. He is happy to oblige them with a procedure that involves injecting the pocket between the dick skin and the actual penis shaft with polymethylmethacrylate (PMMA) microspheres. That's right, it's a gel injection that increases overall girth. 

Go chode or go home, I guess? Is that a viable catchphrase? Let's pretend it is. 

Dr. Casavantes argues that seeing a doctor for treatment is better than the alternative — amateur injections. Men eager to increase their penis circumference have been known to inject basically whatever they had lying around the house (you know some dude tried gravy, you just know) into their penises with disastrous results.

But other doctors think men should keep cosmetic needles away from their penis at all costs. Too many injections can begin to kill the penile fat, and cause damage to the delicate blood vessels surrounding the penis. 


What good is your newly girthy penis if it won't spring into action as required?

As with all cosmetic surgery, ultimately the decision is up to the person going under the knife, or in this case, the needle. Sometimes the problem people are trying to solve with surgery is one better suited to therapy, and a good plastic surgeon will share that opinion at the time of your consult.