Men Who Marry Intelligent Women Are Healthier And Avoid Alzheimer's

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Men Who Marry Smart Women Avoid Alzheimer's Later In Life

There are a lot of different qualities men and women both look for when choosing the person they want to marry.

Ideally, when you marry it's supposed to last a lifetime. So factors like "his penis looks great in basketball shorts" must be weighed against headier concerns like, "how is his relationship with his parents?"

These are both equally important, albeit in their very own way. 


A new study by Dr. Lawrence Whalley at the University of Aberdeen has made that quest for a perma-partner even more challenging — but just for the dudes!

That's right, I can go ahead and marry a very attractive pile of bricks for all it matters and sister friend will be juuuuust fine, thank you very much. 

His research indicates that men who marry intelligent women are less likely to develop Alzheimer's. 

It makes sense, after a fashion. Dr. Whalley points out that intelligent conversation and stimulating activities cave stave off the degenerative disease. 

I mentioned this to my boyfriend who is ten years older than I am, and thus more likely to start showing symptoms of Alzheimer's. He was nonplussed, but truthfully that might just be because I mentioned marriage. 

We've already learned that Alzheimer's and dementia can be prevented by having a healthy sex life as a senior (which my boyfriend was much more pleased to discover), now we're learning that being married to someone awesome can help too? I'm smelling a whole new kind of online dating website. "Sizzling Senior Smarties" has a certain ring to it that cannot be ignored.


It's amazing to learn that there is more and more scientific evidence everyday supporting the idea that intellectual stimulation can prevent Alzheimer's. 

Though my boyfriend didn't bite the first time, I fully intend on using this study as an excuse to make him do things like leave the house and maybe go to the opera or some such fancy nonsense. 

It's important, I think, to remember that those who don't have partners aren't just SOL. There's hope for them, too.

There are plenty of ways to engage your mind and stimulate your senses without getting freaky. In fact, I'm pretty sure that's the whole reason museums were invented, right?

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