Finally! The Inclusive, Feminist Emoji Update We've Been Waiting For

A rainbow flag, career women and no more real guns ... YES!

new emojis

Like it or not, emojis are a huge part of how we communicate today. 

If you are my aged grumbling boyfriend, you very much do not like it (heart you, boo). But I mean, he also hates GIFs so clearly his taste on such matters is not at all to be trusted (again with the hearting). 

If you are a peace and love promoting hippy weirdo like me, you completely love the universality and connection that emojis can provide us all. 


I don't have to speak French to text a French speaker a picture of an ice cream cone with a question  mark in the hopes of finding the best cone in Paris. 

The 2016 emoji update is here and damn if it isn't all inclusive!

In light of America's continued war on gar violence, they've subbed out the pistol emoji with a water gun one. I mean ideally there would be no guns at all, but dude I so appreciate the switch.


Even more than that, I appreciate how LGBTQ friendly emoji have become! There's a rainbow flag now that makes me beam with pride. Ima go be out and proud and text everyone all the colors of the rainbows, so be prepared for that, my contact list. 

The way emojiis represent families has changed too. There's now an option for single moms and single dads, and maybe I'm just really hormonal right now but it definitely brought a tear or four to my eye. 

On a personal level, I audibly whooped aloud alone in my apartment when I saw all of the different female athletes who are now available — including my personal favorite, the lady weight lifter! 


"YEAH LIFT HEAVY" I screamed at no one except for maybe my roommate's kind of startled dog. My cats are used to these outbursts at this point. 

If only the rest of the world were as quick to positive change as the world of emojis. That sounds like the start of a joke, but it's not.

It's kind of tragic that we have to delight in amazing social changes to our picture-texts rather than change in the real world. But at this point, I'll take what I can get.