If You're Not Making Easter Egg Emojis, You're Doing It Wrong

Photo: Studio DIY
emoji eggs easter egg hunt

It's certainly out of the box. (Pun very much intended.)

Egg-dyeing is one of the many fun staples of celebrating Easter. You also have egg hunts, egg-shaped candies, and pretty much everything egg-related to celebrate a giant anthropomorphized bunny hopping to your door to deliver a basket of goodies.

But lifestyle company Studio DIY has added a twist to your Easter egg hunt by creating emoji eggs that look like they're right off your smartphone.

And better yet, you can make them yourself. And it's SUPER-easy.

First, you need eggs. You can use eggs that have the center blown out, or papier mâché.

Studio DIY says you can also use hard boiled eggs, but don’t recommend eating them afterward. You know, because paint shouldn't be ingested.

You'll also need yellow, white, pink, and turquoise craft paint, black and red paint markers, and/or a paintbrush.

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After you have your materials, the instructions themselves are pretty simple:

1. Paint all eggs yellow and let dry completely.

2. Follow the below steps to draw/paint each face.

All photos: Studio DIY

It's a great way to bring your emoji keyboard to life AND keep your kids occupied with something out of the box.

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