There's Now A 'Pot Gym' Where You Can Smoke Weed While You Work Out

Get high AND get in shape.

There's A Gym Where You Smoke Marijuana While You Work Out Unsplash

For some people, marijuana is a miracle plant. It's a pain-reliever, relaxer, and can even improve your sex life.

However, former running back Ricky Williams, who won the Heisman Trophy in college and played in the NFL for the Saints, Dolphins, and Ravens, believes that weed can actually help improve a workout.

Williams has teamed up with snowboard company executive Jim McAlpine to create Power Plant Fitness, a gym in San Francisco where members will be allowed to smoke pot while working out. And if smoking isn't your thing, edibles and weed-infused gels will also be available.


"It won't be a place to get high and just screw around," McAlpine told the 420 Games blog. "We are focused on the athletic side, not the cannabis side."

Williams, who was personally suspended from the NFL for having marijuana in his system, believes that the drug can help you relax and focus better while exercising or training.

"A lot of people buy into the stoner stereotype where guys just sit on the couch, smoke and don't do anything, and they're not very motivated," said Williams in an interview with the Los Angeles Times. "I found when I was playing football that using cannabis helped me relax physically, mentally and even spiritually."


According to an article on The Weed Blog, there are a number of reasons why exercising is better when you consume cannabis, including the belief that it raises your metabolism, helps your muscles recover faster, reduces anxiety, and gets you revved up to work out.

Marijuana can also help you stay ultra-focused. In fact, many long-distance runners admit to using vaporizers or edibles before participating in a marathon, because they believe that cannabis enables them to remove the monotony and stay in a steady rhythmic zone for keeping at a competitive running speed.

Members of Power Plant Fitness will need a medical marijuana prescription to join, but that could change if California voters legalize recreational pot in November. Gym members will be evaluated to see how best to incorporate weed in their workout or if they're better suited to partake pre- or post-workout.

"Marijuana, if you use it in a responsible way, accentuates the parts of sports that you love and helps you to do them better," McAlpine said.


Weed workouts will help to pump you up without stressing you out, and will probably make you feel better if you do too many reps and strain a muscle.