7 Magical Things All Sexy Unicorns Need In Their Lives

Photo: How2CreepOnGuys
sexy unicorn gifts

At the premiere of her new movie Suicide Squad, Margot Robbie dazzled the crowds in a sexy sequined unicorn gown.

You heard it hear first folks, sexy unicorns are now a thing and we are reaping all the benefits. 


While you not be able to afford a handsome gown like the one Robbie wore, you can and should let your passion for sexy unicorns fly hither, thither, and yon. 

But where to begin? It's not like you can don a horn made out of construction paper and saunter down the streets bellowing "behold my sex appeal!" Take it from someone who has tried this multiple times. 

Luckily, as a sexy unicorn fan myself, I've done a lot of the leg work here and found you some great items to wear to share you love of all things sexy and all things unicorns. 

1. A cute literal sexy unicorn workout shirt


$21.75, Look Human

Just because you're a unicorn, doesn't mean you've got to be braggy about it. Keep it low key with this stylish yet colorful tee. 

2. A sports bra/crop top with a stylish unicorn print

$8.69, Pink Queen

You know what unicorns hate? Normal shirts. They are all, "get me a crop top or get the HELL OUT."

3. Sexy unicorn underwear for him

$22.99, Etsy

Because sometimes his dick is a unicorn.

4. A delicate, sexy unicorn bralette

$39.00, Etsy

Unicorns don't have boobs. But if they did, they would wear this bralette for sure. 

5. A sexy iridescent unicorn cape

$19.99, Lingerie Diva

Wear this cape and nothing else. Your unicorn sex appeal = majorly on point. 

6. A poster of two sexy unicorns having sex

$14.74, Red Bubble

Pledge your allegiance to these sexy unicorns at least once a day. 

7. A designer sexy unicorn costume

$79.87, Costume Discounters

Express your inner sexy unicorn heart the best way possible. By going balls to the wall nuts with it. You can wear this as your Halloween costume, or just for fun. Your choice. 

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