4 Ways To Spoil An Independent Woman So She'll Love You Forever

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Spoiling your girlfriend is an art of romance that our modern dating culture has completely shitted on.

Oversized teddy bears and roses are cute, but they're cookie cutter. They're things we want solely so we can Instagram them and brag about how great our lives our to our friends. Unless of course roses and teddy bears are a part of some inside joke and carry a much deeper meaning, which in case, forget what I said. 

Romance doesn't have to scream "I LOVE YOU," for it to feel like romance.

In the simplest of terms, it's anything that makes the person you're with feel special. It's everything from doing the dishes to a trip to the Eiffel Tower. The only way you can go wrong, is by skipping it all together. 

When trying to spoil an independent woman, the waters are a little murky. She's used to giving herself everything she wants, and you don't want to make her feel like she can't or shouldn't. 

And while it's sweet of you to be so considerate of her feelings, you shouldn't avoid spoiling her because you don't want to offend her. That will cause so more problems down the road, guaranteed. 

What you don't want to do when it comes to spoiling a girl who's spoiling herself, is give her something cookie cutter that she might not really want. Personally, I'd rather have someone who sends a pizza to my office when I've had a bad day rather than buy my roses. Sometimes the thought behind the effort, is more exciting than the effort itself. 

So if you're struggling to figure out what your girl really wants, try these few tricks to make her feel like the most spoiled — but still totally independent — girl in the world: 


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Independent women work hard so they can make it on their own, and sometimes that means they don't have enough cash or time to take those once-in-a-lifetime trips. And even if they can afford to do it on their own, surprising them with going somewhere or doing something they've always wanted to do, is a quick way to anyone's heart. 

You can add more value and magic to an independent woman's life by giving her some amazing experiences she'll never forget. 

Homemade gifts

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Draw her a picture, write her a song, bake her a cake, do whatever creative thing you can do to romance her. Things made with your own two hands are always better than something bought at a store. 

If you don't consider yourself a creative person, you should still try. Even if it comes out shitty, just knowing that you took the time and put in the effort to make something for her, will really impress her. Bonus points if it's an inside joke.  


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An independent woman wants a relationship where she can still call the shots on the things that are important to her success. Letting her know that you have her back, and you always support her is kind of the ultimate form of romance. 

If you disagree with a decision she's making, let her know (she'll appreciate that), but still make an effort to support what she's doing. 

Little things

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Just because an independent woman is used to doing it all doesn't mean she always wants to. Taking out the trash or cooking dinner or picking up something from the grocery or anything that makes her life a little easier, will be very appreciated. 

And if you can do so without her asking you, you're basically a god.