Girls Don't Want Roses Or Chocolates, We Want Your F*cking Attention

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Women Don't Want Roses Or Chocolate, We Want His Attention

In the beginning it's so easy. The person you're with is all shiny and new and you can't take your eyes off them. Everything they do from walking to talking on the phone with their boss makes them seem like a magical unicorn. They're perfect in every single way, and you have no intention of ever letting them forget that. 

Until three months later when you start to get comfortable. 

Relationships require constant effort, and while that sounds equivalent to last minute algebra homework, it doesn't require anything you haven't done before. 

You don't need to move mountains, shout her name off a rooftop or even buy her flowers.

Because all she really wants is your fucking attention, bro. 


When a relationship starts getting more routine and having her around isn't AS exciting as it was in the beginning, the absolute worst thing you can do is ignore her. 

Sure, she might act like she's cool with the fact that your dates went from a candlelight dinner to popcorn on the couch, but she's not. She still wants romance.

She still wants you to chase after her. 

I know by now the idea of putting in even the slightest amount of effort is starting to scare you, but hear me out.

All you have to do is give her some completely focused attention a few times throughout the day. 


And no, focused attention doesn't mean watching TV or playing Xbox together. It means putting your phone down, looking her in the eyes and being fully engaged in whatever activity you guys are doing together.

It means being fully present and not just half-assedly listening to her talk while you scroll through Instagram. 


So if you still feel like running for the hills, then go.

She deserves better than your sorry ass anyway. 

But if you're willing to put some effort into making her feel wanted again, then you'll be pleasantly surprised by the aftermath.

A relationship way more fun and rewarding if both people are paying attention to each other. 

It opens you up to being more thoughtful, romantic and engaged. 

Who knows? You might even WANT to buy her flowers.