The Only 5 Sex Positions That GUARANTEE Multiple Orgasms

Don't waste your time with any of others.

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For many women, multiple orgasms seem like Mount Everest.

It's the icy, unattainable summit, lined with the dead frozen bodies of those who have gone before us and failed.

We know it's reckless, we know it ultimately doesn't matter, and yet we must summit: simply because it is there. 

If you've never had multiple orgasms, there's something you should know. While they are awesome (they are orgasms, after all), they are also less intense than your average big 'o'. 


Sure, you're coming over and over again, but never with that break neck intensity we associate with one orgasm. But it is a definitely an experience worth having, and I think it's totally achievable for all women. 

If you want to embark on this journey, consider me your Sherpa. Here are the best sex positions to get your started up on your multiple orgasmic adventure



1. Solo Flyer Masturbation

Before you try multiple orgasms with a partner, you should try making them happen yourself. Using your toy of choice, take your time getting there.

Work on edging, and just when you feel your climax coming on, back away from that. Regular practice will help you control you orgasms, making multiples easy peasy. 

2. Classy Lady Cowgirl Sex Position

This is a new take on a classic. Mount him as you would for reverse cowgirl, back facing him. But instead of straddling both of his legs, just straddle one.

This gives you even more fine tune quality control. It also helps him learn what speed and depth get you off. 



3. Downward Doggy Style Sex Position

This is one of my favorite sex positions. Assume the doggy style position. But, instead of propping yourself up onto your hands, bend your elbows and rest them on a pillow.

This angle gives him increased access and makes contact with your clit totally unavoidable. 

4. Daddy's Little Helper Sex Position

When it comes to multiple orgasms, for some, the G-Spot is king.

Take things out of the bedroom, hop up on a kitchen counter and wrap your legs around your man. This gives him access to your G-spot like whoa, and gives you space to play with your clit for maximum pleasure. 


5. Oral Sex, Baby! 

If multiple orgasms are the name of the game, then you've got to get him to go down on your for an extended period of time.

A nice oral sex session takes the pressure off of him to stay hard throughout your multiples, and saves your vagina a lot of wear and tear. Multiples orgasms are great, but so is being able to walk. You heard it here first.