The 5 Physical Traits Men Want In A Woman, According To Science

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What Men Want In A Woman, According to Science

In this modern age of technology and social media, online dating is one of the best ways to find a date... and also, the worst. For as long as OkCupid, Tinder, and other online dating platforms have been around, many have tried to crack the code of the best way to attract potential dates, from changing your profile photo to editing the profile itself.

But in the end, we can't beat personal preferences.

The world's largest dating network, Badoo, examined the dating habits of their 318 billion users from all over the world, and compared and contrasted the results based on gender, sexuality and physical traits like body type, height, eye color, and hair color.

Along the way, they discovered which women in America tend to get the most messages and responses from men, and the results are interesting, to say the least.

These are the traits that attract many men to certain types of women:

1. Not to tall and not too short

Forty-six percent of men prefer women whose height falls between 5'3" and 5'6". Then again, only the brave can handle short women and tall women. 

2. Brown eyes

Baby blues are apparently not as desirable as brown eyes, according to a whooping 60 percent of men. Brown-eyed women are more likely to receive a message, as opposed to women with any other color eyes.

3. Brown hair

Surprisingly, brunettes are more likely to receive messages (40 percent) than blondes (only a sad 15 percent), according to the study.

4. Average body

We're not sure what "average" means exactly, but we're hoping that's a good thing. Athletic-built women are only at six percent (does that mean men are intimidated by strong and well-built women?) for getting a message. Guess men really go for "average."

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