11 Matching Tattoos For BADASS Moms And Their Daughters

Getting a matching tattoo with someone is a BIG step.

Typically, it’s a sign of an unbreakable bond or that you and someone close to you survived some ordeal together needs to be commemorated. Maybe you served together in the military, or you’re deeply in love, or you were all members of the Fellowship of the Ring.

OR a matching tattoo can act as the outwards sign of the iron-clad link between two individuals who already have one of the deepest connections in the universe.

Mothers and daughters.

Because tattoo-sporting moms and daughters are legit bad-asses.

Now, not every mom and daughter can pull off the matching tattoo. Some just don’t have the relationship to support it. There are cases where the mom primarily serves as the cautionary tale for the daughter. (“OMG, I don’t want to grow up to become HER.”) Or the daughter serves a bizarre embarrassment for the mom. (“OMG, how did SHE come out of ME?”)

But, when a mother and daughter click, when they truly embrace their emotional and biological connection, when they legitimately love spending time together, there is no force on Earth that could break that bond.

Forget war buddies. Forget best friends. When a mom loves her daughter (and vice versa), that connection is one of the most beautifully badass things in the world.

Which is why it makes so much sense for those kinds of moms and daughters to get matching tattoos.

THAT is their OG crew, their troop, their gang, their “Ride or Die” buddy. When a mom and a daughter are truly inseparable, it makes sense for them to want to find ways to show off their bond. And a matching tattoo is a pretty hardcore way to do it.

There are many examples of killer mommy-daughter matching tattoos on the internet (surprisingly many, if you grew up in a conservative household and didn’t realize this kind of thing happened).

Here are 11 of our favorites…

They say "Everything Happens for a Reason" in Tibetan

Photo: Instagram/@simonnenicholls
matching tattoos mother daughter

“I am because you are.” (Aww.)

Photo: Instagram/@chey_renee95
matching tattoos mother daughter

It’s a symbol of unconditional love.

Photo: Instagram/@landreylane
matching tattoos mother daughter

Capturing those beautiful mother-daughter eyes

Photo: Instagram/@stormydt
matching tattoos mother daughter

Perfect for all the moms who named their girls “Katniss”

Photo: Instagram/@jennamcb1628
matching tattoos mother daughter

It means "Strength" in the Philippine language Tagalog.

Photo: Instagram/@megamel1971
matching tattoos mother daughter

Don’t mess with badass momma elephants.

Photo: Instagram/@tuckerxtattoos
matching tattoos mother daughter

That’s a good start, Mom.

Photo: Instagram/@courtneyesworthygood
matching tattoos mother daughter

Hopefully, they got feathered hair-dos to match…

Photo: Instagram/@crystal_ofwgkta94
matching tattoos mother daughter

What’s cooler than a mother-daughter tattoo? A mother-daughter-daughter tattoo.

Photo: Instagram/@kayliverestattoos
matching tattoos mother daughter

Not just matching eyes. They got tattoos of EACH OTHER’S EYES.

Photo: Instagram/@legacybluetattoo
matching tattoos mother daughter