Forget The Love You Feel And Remember The Love You DESERVE

Sometimes we all need a slap in the face.

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It's so easy to get lost in the eyes of a super cute guy. And while it's fine for a moment or three, if you're not careful it can throw you off track and cause you to lose yourself completely. 

We love love because it makes us forget about some of the bad things in our lives.

It's the most amazing distraction and can make even the darkest days feel sunny and bright. 

But we can become so addicted to that happy feeling — and how easily we can get it from another person — that we're more likely to accept bad, disrespectful behavior.


It's why even some of the strongest women become weak over time.

We get attached to love we feel and forget about the love we deserve. 


It's not totally our fault. Even when you've been warned about the dangers of falling in love, it's much easier said than done when it comes to avoiding it. 


And while we may not be able to escape the downfall completely, it is important to recognize when you're being treated like shit.

Chances are, it's only happening because you're allowing it to. 

This is a lesson I personally have to keep learning over and over again. Because even once you realize that the relationship you're in is no longer meeting your standards, it can be hard to accept. 

Feelings — all those damn feelings  can crowd your brain, and make you panic.

They take you back to the good ole days when things were perfect and delude you into thinking you can deal with what's happening now.

But if you really want a successful, happy relationship (which is still possible with the one you're in, by the way), then you have to get real about what you deserve. 



So please, for the love of yourself or for me, don't stay quiet. Don't swallow your feelings and ignore your instincts for the sake of another person.

Life is too short to accept someone else's bullshit as your own personal responsibility.


You are your only advocate in this world. Make sure you're speaking up.