Which One Of These 5 Cocktails Describes What You're Like In Bed?

If you're a Flaming B-52 ... give us a call! *wink*

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Who are you between the sheets? Are you a dominating daredevil or a submissive vixen? Do you let yourself go or do you hold yourself back?

Whatever your idea of a perfect night in bed is — from getting it on atop every surface, or spooning with your significant other — these decadent mixed drinks are sure to set the mood.

Which cocktail describes your sex life?

1. Tequila Sunrise ... for the Wild Child You're the life of the party (and the after-party, if you catch our drift). So what if it's 4 AM at the club? You aren't ready to go home, but you might be persuaded to if you happen to run into a handsome stranger. You've always had a free-spirited, playful approach to sex. It's all about whatever feels good to you and your partner. This cocktail, mixed with a sweet-and-sour kiss of orange juice and grenadine, and packed with a punch of tequila, is just like you: sweet and surprisingly sexy.

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2. Flaming B-52 ... for the Experimenter You have fantasies and you're not afraid to whisper them seductively into your lover's ear. Role-playing is your sexy-time specialty, whether you're Ana and he's Christian Grey, or he's a cop and you're his cuffed-up criminal. And it doesn't stop there. You're always up to introduce something new to the bedroom, whether it's a sex toy or a kinky costume. Maybe even take in a burlesque show. Who knows what a night with you will bring?It's all about experimenting with pleasure. So throw back a B-52 layered shooter or take indulgent sips. With three layers of bitter coffee liqueur, creamy Baileys and tangy orange flavored brandy liqueur, every sip tastes different.

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3. Old-Fashioned ... for the Significant Other You love the idea of sleeping in on the weekends, curled up to your hubby or steady boyfriend. You've both gotten a little too comfortable in your relationship: you're a little insecure about your love handles and he's a tad touchy about being called "husky," but you still dig each other and that's all that really matters. You both only get alone time once in awhile, between your crazy work schedules (and kids, if you have them), but when it does happen ... it's the best. You should stick with a cocktail classic: the old-fashioned. Because, yes, it's a tad predictable, but it always hits the spot just right.

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4. Cosmopolitan ... for the Frisky Flirt You never make the first move. You'd rather be chased than do the chasing yourself, but you like to think that it's part of your coquettish game of cat and mouse. You bat your lashes and snuggle up to him until he gets a hint. But when you do slip between the sheets with him, he'll see why it's worth it. You love to be dominated, but that doesn't mean you're a snore. You're a sensual, selfless lover and are all about his pleasure. Who wouldn't love that? The cocktail that matches your sexy style? The fruity-flavored Cosmopolitan. It's classy and a touch sassy.

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5. Mudslide ... for the Hopeless Romantic For you, love and sex are indistinguishable. You see intimacy as a means to express just how much you love your guy (and you do love him). You'll always look back on your first time as a fond memory and you're a sucker for love stories. When you fall in love, you let yourself fall hard and fast. And makeup sex? You live for it. Not because you actually like to fight with him, but because of the rush of emotions that overtake you when he sweeps you up into his arms for an hour of spontaneous lovemaking. Treat yourself to a chocolatey mudslide. It's decadent and sweet, a perfect toast to your mushy lovey-dovey lovemaking.

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