If You See A PENIS In These 6 Cloud Pictures You're Our Kinda People

Photo: Tumblr
penis clouds

There are two types of people in the world: those who see clouds shaped like a penis, and those who do not. 

I fall into the first category, much like the giggling teens from Miami whose viral shot of a perfectly erect cloud penis has been making the rounds this week. Behold its splendor:


That's one heck of a hard-on, no?

Penis clouds aren't just the latest internet craze, oh no, they are a part of life. 

As a small naive and innocent youth laying on my back in the sunshine, my peers spotted magicians pulling rabbits out of hats in the clouds, fluffy cars, waving people.

I just saw dick after dick after dick. For obvious reason I kept this information to myself. The obvious reasons were I did not want to be sent to sex jail, a place I believed to be real. 

But my fascination with penis clouds hasn't waned in the passing years. I'd like to share a few more of my favorite penis clouds with you. 

Note: These are not from my personal collection because I do not have a personal collection whatever the fine folks at Flickr might have to say. 

1. Erect but ill 

This is a penis that has seen better days. In fact, it might want to go visit the doctor for what looks like some sort of ball disorder. 


2. Penis attack!

This penis is red, angry, and headed straight for you. God willing you're wearing protection. 


3. Ballsville, USA 

The shaft is shy in this one, giving us all time to pause and appreciate the bounty of cloud balls painting the sky. 


4. Day is done

This penis has had a long hard day, and now all it wants is to settle down in a verdant field. We've all been there. 


5. J. T. T. 

And, in closing, I call this one "Just The Tip." The ominous dark clouds surrounding this smiling member are a metaphor for VD.