The Terrible Reason A Woman Used A Ham Sandwich To Describe Taylor Swift's Vagina

racism taylor swift ham sandwich

No matter how great your mother is, she probably did something to embarrass you. But even so, you're better off than the children of  Jennifer Mayers who used a ham sandwich to illustrate the difference in her daughter's virginal vagina and Taylor Swift's vagina.

Oh, and it doesn't stop there. Mrs. Mayers is constantly tweeting the most offensive things you've ever read and that's the point. She isn't just saying what's on her mind, she's trying to get a reaction.

It's one thing to compare vaginas to ham sandwiches, and it's another to be a completely racist, sexist, homophobic, white supremacist, and hater-of-almost-everybody, which Jennifer Mayers appears to be, but that's because she's been carefully created. 

Jennifer Mayers' tweets were so horrible that people started to question if she was indeed a real person. And it turns out that Ms. Mayers is a fake and her words are satire.  

Here's the thing with dry humor: it's not always easy for people to recognize it, and the question becomes if no one takes something as humorous, does it lose its humor? Betty Bowers, America's Best Christian is a satirical character that does a better job at getting her message across than the Jennifer Mayer's character.

Mayers' ham sandwich tweet went viral, even though it made no sense whatsoever. It was outrageous but ultimately confusing.

Photo: Twitter

This whole thing is wrong, wrong, wrong. You don't compare any part of the female anatomy to a dock worker's lunch, especially not your daughters. And hello! The vagina is internal, so the ham slices must be the labia. But it's so crazy that you can't take it seriously. See what I mean about dry humor? It sometimes takes a lot to get the joke.

If you're going to use it to make a point about someone having a lot of sex, it doesn't make any sense. Your labia doesn't get pulled and flattened over time. And since when did Taylor Swift become the representative of all things promiscuous and slutty? You can reason that this is so outlandish, it has to be satire.

Photo: Twitter

Obviously, she's not a real person.

According to the internet, Jennifer Mayers is a 44-year-old housewife of Guatemalan descent who lives in Baton Rouge, Louisiana and enjoys being a racist, sexist, white supremacist, and tweeting and blogging her hate-fueled offensive opinions. Oh, and she's a Trump supporter. Which makes complete sense.

It's challenging to choose the worst of her tweets; they're not only offensive, but they're mean and can take away any hope you have for the human heart and civilization as a whole. Mayers can make you question the idea of free speech, which is what whoever is behind this site is trying to do.

When someone says something so out there, you notice it, it makes you think, and hopefully, it makes you react.

Mayers' outrageous tweets just go on and on and get worse. When she's not calling Christy Sheats (the woman who shoot and killed her two daughters) a martyr, she's describing Alton Sterling as an entitled black thug. If Mayers' tweets weren't bad enough, she does full posts on her blog (and apparent book), An Elegant Life, with titles such as "Taylor Swift: Role Model or Prostitute?" and "Rape in America."

No one in their right mind would say some of the things she says with a straight face. But is she going way too far for it to be funny, and will it ever be the right time to joke about some of these topics?

Mayers tweets and blog posts continue to receive attention. The problem is that there are people who don't know that this is a humor site and are taking her hateful tweets as truth.

Humor can often be mean-spirited and cruel, and when it is, it ceases to be funny anymore.

If you're going to do a satirical site, please let people in on the joke or some haters are just going to take these horrific tweets at face value and use them to feed their racist, homophobic, sexist agendas.