You WILL Be Happy Again After Your Divorce. Here's How!

Divorce can be mental, physical, and spiritual torture. The whole process feels like a ride on a horror movie roller coaster — like your safe little car is going to careen off the tracks at any moment sending you hurtling through the starless night sky. 

You feel like your life is completely upside down and every part of your being feels raw and tender like a fresh, deep cut. Tears come daily without warning, and social embarrassment is pretty much constant.

Deep in the throes of all this emotional craziness, you still have to function in life, when all you really want to do is crawl in bed and hide under that soft blanket. Nope! You have to perform at your job, take care of the kids and house and manage the finances that are being constantly gnawed at by legal fees.


You find yourself wondering, "Will this insanity ever end? Will I really survive this? Where will I go from here? What will my life be like as a single person again?"

Day by day, the pain lessens, the tears begin to dry up and you even find yourself gaining confidence from the small triumphs of tackling problems you never had to face before. Gradually, you begin to feel more secure and take pleasure in re-inventing yourself.

The bitterness has given way to a greater understanding of your insecurities and your part in the demise of your marriage. That mantra you’ve been repeating in your head: "I’m NEVER getting married again" has been fading and you’ve actually caught yourself flirting!

You begin to realize that your divorce might just end up making you a better person!


Not sure about this outlook? If you’re still in the midst of divorce anguish and feel like there just isn’t any silver lining to the dark cloud you’re under, watch our video and listen to the inspiring life-after-divorce experiences from YourTango Experts Kimberly Mishkin and Liza Caldwell.

Kimberly and Liza are founders of SAS For Women and have offered divorce support and coaching since 2012. They both have inspiring stories of surviving divorce that are sure to lift your spirits and give you some hope of a new, happier life!

For more information, visit the SAS For Women website!