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Hey there!


Thanks for stopping by to see who I am!  


I work for YourTango Experts as a blogger for our extremely successful  video program called 'The Experts'.  I also bounce around behind the scenes as a jack-of-all-trades in Customer Service, Sales support and Data Management, which suits my extroverted introvert, somewhat ADHD, personality perfectly!


I have two BS degrees in Computer Science and Mathematics (almost got a third degree in English Literature) from Troy State University.


Fresh out of college I landed my first job at the Kennedy Space Center as a computer programmer.  I then moved into Application Design, Project Management, and eventually ended up as a Database Analyst.  


After 16 years of being a tech head, the stress started taking a toll on my physical and mental health and I did a 180 and became a Licensed Massage Therapist practicing for another 7 years.  (Did I mention I seem to have an easy time integrating the left and right sides of my brain?) A broken shoulder ended my massage career  and soon after I came to work for YourTango and have been here going on 5 years.



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