5 Things People With Hidden Depression Do Way Differently

Depression isn't always outwardly.

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It's one of those inner demons that people don't often notice or understand too well. Contrary to what most people think, depression isn't just a momentary sadness that you can simply snap out of if you think happy thoughts. Defined by Mayo Clinic as "a mood disorder that causes a persistent feeling of sadness and loss of interest," depression is a serious condition that needs attention and proper treatment. 


Do you feel that you may be going through concealed depression or that a friend is suffering from it? Here's how to help someone with depression by watching out for these five hidden signs.

1. They may lash out.

Irritation and anger are two signs of depression. When we think about depression, it's often characterized with a dejected state of being — helpless, apathetic, melancholic. But sometimes we mistake people with depression for simply having bad tempers. Often, this is how men express their depression.


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2. They may withdraw.

When someone becomes depressed, it's common for them to lose all interest in anything, particularly the things they once loved doing. Where they may have been a social butterfly, they are now withdrawn, sleeping late and calling into work. Withdrawing is a sign of depression. 


3. They may become somewhat flaky.

When people become depressed, they'll make plans with you at times when they feel up for it, but when it's time for those plans to happen they may not want to follow through. Someone who suddenly begins flaking out on you could have concealed depression. 

4. They may be exhausted.

When depression sets in, sleeping becomes more difficult. Sleep problems are sometimes a warning sign of deeper problems. On the other hand, sleeping far too much is also a sign of depression.

5. They may suddenly gain or drop a large amount of weight.



People sometimes lose a lot of weight because they started eating better and exercising, so be careful trying to associate it with depression. If they're losing or gaining weight because you think they've stopped eating or started eating too much in order to cope, it may be a sign your friend has depression.

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