Vodka Freezer Pops Make You Feel Like A Kid Again (But With A Buzz)

Photo: Icycl
vodka ice pops
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Bring on the drunken brain freeze.

When it's summer time, and it's hot as balls, there's only a few things you can actively do without dying of a heatstroke: swim, sleep and drink. 

Drinking and sleeping are arguably the best of the three activities, and for me they go hand-in-hand. While usually I fight to do the majority of my social encounters inside when it's over 95 degrees, I occasionally have to step out of my room and into the sun. 

As a young twenty something, most of these encounters are just sitting around a circle and drinking, which is kind of the worst possible thing you could do when it feels like the temperature outside is aggressively rising. But young people are stupid, and we do it all the time. 


Now I don't know if you know this, but drinking hot beer or mixed drinks is so gross that I'd just rather hot, mad and sober. But in this new wave of alcoholic treats, I might have discovered something worth staying outside for. 

Vodka Ice Pops. 

Infused with juicy fruit and tasty vodka, these popsicles/fruit sorbets/slushies are exactly what's missing from my steamy summer days. 

Made from Firebox, Icycls come in apple, black currant and lemon and lime, and are only $18 for a pack of six. Perfect for a having a few friends over or if you just want to get drunk by yourself in that kiddie pool you blew up in your backyard. The choice is yours bro, no judgment. 


Think of how cool you'll be when everyone shows up to the beach/river/pond/other body of water with a cooler full of boring old beer and over-done margaritas in a can, and you have effin' vodka ice pops. You'll literally be the hit of the party, I'm 110% sure of it. 

So rather than stock your freezer with microwavable meals — or worst, normal, NON-ALCOHOLIC ice pops — see how many packs of these babies you can fit in there. 

Better buy as many as you can, it's going to be a long summer.