5 Truths About Being With A Girl Who Loves To Drink Beer

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5 Truths About Loving A Girl Who Drinks Beer

I love beer. You can drink it with any meal, at any time of day. Like snowflakes and fingerprints, no two are exactly alike and there are seemingly unending amounts of variations and flavors. The same can be said for women.

This is why you should love girls who drink beer!

It's two of the best things in the world coming together. Chocolate and peanut butter, Rachel and Ross, Zach and Kelly, girls and beer — it just seems right.

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Here are 7 truths about women who love brewskis:

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1. She’s one of the guys.

Speaking for myself, I never liked the girl who tried to advertise how much “one of the guys” she was. Besides, a girl who tries to emphasize how much she is one of the guys usually isn’t.

It’s kind of like that person you know who tries to tell everyone they meet how much money they have or that “smart” person who tries to tell you how genius they are. Stop projecting; we all know a Bill Gates or an Einstein when we see one.

A true girl who is one of the guys? Well, she’s not afraid to look like a fool. She laughs a lot — often at herself. She makes reckless decisions but owns up to the consequences. She burps. She shouts. She tells you to “f-off” when you deserve it.

She likes sports. She likes video games and comic books. She’s a flip-cup/beer pong champion. She’s not afraid to have an imagination. She’s not afraid to dream big and fails often. She doesn’t care what you think of her.

2. She’s probably drinking Blue Moon.

When drinking beer, women tend to gravitate toward this one brand. The problem is most women are locked into this one brand when there are much better tasting and carefully crafted options.

Don’t get me wrong, Blue Moon was my beer of choice when I was 19, but it’s a brave, new world, gals. So next time you’re at the bar, ask the bartender for a Hefeweizen (this is pretty much a German word for an equivalent style beer) or witbier you never tried before. I promise you might like it.

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3. Exception: The craft beer for a crafty girl.

Craft beers are trendy right now and have stolen a good deal of the market share away from the big two beer manufacturers in the past five years. Hipsters and craft beer have become synonymous with each other, and women who drink craft beer know their stuff.

They drink these beers for the different flavors and could probably teach you a thing or two if and when you meet a craft beer connoisseur. 

4. She’s not high-maintenance.

Sometimes the best way to figure out what something is is to figure out what it’s not. Beer-drinking women don’t tend to be high-maintenance and are direct in telling you what they want.

My favorite woman to serve at the bar is the one who drinks beer. It’s easy for me to pour, easy for you to drink, and I can spend more time talking to you rather than figuring out what your friend next to you wants when she's telling me about a cocktail she had at some other bar that “tasted like mangos and bananas and was pink, but kinda blue and looked like cotton candy." 

You, my beer-drinking goddess, make my life easier.

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5. She isn't fancy.

A girl who drinks beer isn't going to waste her time with those sugary, weak “special” shots, often served in a dixie cup or a test tube. Besides, the beer/shot combination is almost as American as apple pie, baseball, and college tuition debt.

This also means she enjoys getting a buzz on, but won't lose her s***, either (figuratively and literally). In other words, my kind of girl.

So the next time you see a woman drinking beer, seize the moment and talk to her. Or maybe she’ll come over and talk to you. In my experience, the universe is trying to tell you something wonderful about this lady — and you should probably listen. 

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Frank Vamos, Jr. has over ten years of experience bartending for different bars and restaurants, has been falling in love with women for twice as long, and when he's not doing either, he's busy laughing or telling jokes somewhere (probably at a bar).