Women With An Upper Lip Like This Are Better In Bed (Says Study)

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lip shape means for orgasm

Get it, girls!

When it comes to cumming (I'm so sorry), no woman's orgasm is exactly the same.

That's right, our orgasms are as varied as snowflakes, just stickier and with more clenched ecstatic faces. 

For some of us, straight up p in v action is never going to make the magical gong atop mount Orgasm ring.

But there are the lucky bunch whose toes curl like whoa with just the right amount of boring old fuss-free foreplay

It's supposed to be impossible to look at someone's face and figure out what they'll be like in bed. Which is mostly right.

I mean, unless you are looking at Ian Somerhalder in which case your pants are probably off and you are shuffling towards him arms open wide mewling "daddy". 

But a study from the Journal of Sexual medicine has published a paper that might change everything you thought you knew about not judging a book by its cover. 

Here's what they found. Directly below your nose is that funny little soup strainer known as the philtrum. Its like the toll-free bridge connecting your nose to your upper lip. 

Directly beneath the bottom of your philtrum, in the center of your top lip, there is small puffy bit of lip that has a name because science needs to be doing something while they are waiting to cure the common cold. 

That's your tubercle. Say hello. 

No really, go check it out in a mirror. Poke it a little. Apply a gloss and pout. Take some selfies. Why? 

Because this study found that women with bigger tubercles were more likely to have a vaginal orgasm than women with less prominent tubercle. 

It might sounds strange, but is it really all that weird? For hundreds of years we have drawn a correlation between the lips on our faces and the lips between our legs. A huge part of why we started painting our lips was to remind men of what our labia looked like when they were all inflamed and shit.

Your welcome for just writing your new ad copy, Kylie Jenner. 

The study was small with less than 1000 subjects surveyed, but it's only the beginning.

They have yet to understand what the connection is between face lips and vagina lips, but they are sure to figure that out soon and you can bet women will be knocking down plastic surgeons doors to make sure their tubercle is sending the right kind of message.