30 Best Products For Chapped Lips (For A Silky-Smooth Pout)

Chapped lips are now yesterday's problem.

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If the eyes are the window to the soul, then your lips are the doorway to your mind. And if your doorway is dry with cracked paint, well... time for some home improvement. Of course I’m talking about chapped lips, so you can hold off for your trip to Home Depot for another day.

Though it might feel like the only way to treat your lips is using an aggressive exfoliator like sandpaper, there are milder steps you can take for how to get rid of chapped lips. Like a stick of gum, you probably keep a stick of chapstick handy at all times.


Chapped lips are not only semi-unattractive, but uncomfortable as hell, and licking them in a weak attempt to moisturize just makes the situation that much worse. We’ve compiled a list of the 30 best lip treatments to sooth, condition, and treat your pout. 

1. By Terry Baume de Rose Balm


This pricey little miracle is a cult favorite of beauty editors across the world, and it’s no wonder because the formula of this salve is the gold standard amongst its mouthy competitors. Ceramides and shea butter help to treat chapped lips for the long-term, not just as a temporary fix.

(Amazon, $37.90)

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2. Yes To Coconut Lip Oil


And the Best Of Beauty Award Winning lip oil goes to... Whether it be the price of this product, or the fact that it leaves a glossy sheen across your mouth while soothing your chapped lips, we just don’t know, but we are loyal for life now.

(Amazon, $15.98)

3. Clarins Instant Light Lip Oil

If it smells like vanilla and tastes like vanilla, it’s probably not vanilla but Clarins Instant light lip oil. The effect this soothing lip oil has will leave you applying it over and over again all day, but not because you need to. Because you WANT to. It’s that good. 


(Sephora, $26)

4. Dior Crème de Rose Soothing Plumping Lip Balm

Gorgeous sheen and color, in cute little pot form. This balm leaves no sticky residue  and even feels good on your fingertips and cuticles. We would like this lip balm in hand balm form ASAP.

(Neiman Marcus, $28)

5. Hourglass No. 28 Lip Treatment Oil


It has a gold applicator, okay? But besides the luxe packaging, this lip treatment backs up the packaging 100 percent. We suggest using it as an overnight treatment for the most achievable moisturizing experience. 

(Sephora, $44)

6. Carmex Lip Balm

Our ancestors used this lip balm back in the old country, and they probably still would despite everything that has come out on the market in the past 100 years. Hey, if it ain't broke.


(Amazon, $4.90)

7. Too Cool For School Dinoplatz Lip Balm

The perfect balance of color and moisturizing properties to kiss your chapped lips buh-bye. The balm could also double as a light weight sheen for the apples of your cheeks.

(Sephora, $15)

8. ChapStick Total Hydration


Fun fact: ChapStick is a brand, not really a product because they have developed a formula in absolute expertise. It’s a no brainer and a household name. 

(Walmart, $2.94)

9. Purlisse Daily Lip Moisturizer

With ingredients like mango seed butter and rice bran oil, your chapped and dry lips are now a thing of yesterday. It goes on smoothly and flawlessly and helps target the dryness you’re in desperate need of.


(Purlisse, $16)

10. Eos Lip Balm Smooth Sphere

First things first. The packaging is everything, but the product itself is just as good. Hydrating ingredients like jojoba oil keep this product super lightweight.

(Amazon, $5.50)

11. Burt's Bees Beeswax Lip Balm​


This is for those of us who don’t want any lip tint or sheen effect associated with our lip balm (for the gentlemen in the back!). This is your chapstick! We just can’t promise your girlfriend won’t steal it from you, so buy a couple of them.

(Amazon, $4.89)

12. Korres Lip Butter

This product offers the perfect amount of color for your lips, all while keeping them well moisturized and nourished. What's better than that?


(Sephora, $12)

13. Vaseline Lip Therapy Cocoa Butter

This lip product acts way more efficient than putting just original Vaseline on your lips because it doesn’t melt down to an oil on contact. It also smells amazing.

(Target, $1.77)

14. Malin+Goetz Mojito Lip Balm


Super dry lips will get down on their knees and thank the lip lords for this product. Goes on shiny, almost like you’re putting in some effort to look put-together, but really you’re just trying to treat your chapped lips with this lime-infused balm. Muchas gracias.

(Amazon, $14)

15. Maybelline New York Baby Lips


If this product was out 15 years ago, we would have been all over this when reaching for something to quench our parched lips. But even as adults, we love the formula and the packaging.

(Maybelline, $4.49)

16. Jack Black Intense Lip Therapy Balm

Men love this product because it doesn’t leave a sheen but still is super moisturizing and protective. Women who are sporting a matte lip gloss but don’t want to lose that look will also greatly appreciate this balm.


(Ulta, $7.50)

17. Smith’s Rosebud Salve

For the chapped lips but a no make-up, make-up look, this is your product. You’ll never look back from this classic.

(Ulta, $7)

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18. Aquaphor​ Healing Ointment


Everyone has a jar of these in their house for their dry elbows and knees. But it works great for chapped lips as well!

(Walgreens, $14.99)

19. John Masters Organic Lip Calm

That’s Calm, not Balm. Beyond nourishing and satisfying. Smells like citrus and is good enough to eat, but don’t because that would be weird.


(John Masters, $6)

20. Blistex Lip Medex​

Winter weather is no match for Lip Medex. Slather on lightly or thick and its magic starts working immediately. 

(Walgreens, $1.69)

21. La Mer The Lip Balm


La Mer likes to show off a bit with the heavy price tag and ingredients, but we can’t blame them. They DO deliver! Especially with The Lip Balm, which has marine extracts in it to keep your mouth looking expensive as hell.

(Sephora, $60)

22. Drunk Elephant Lippe Lip Balm

A soothing balm that is also anti-aging? Say no more. Packaging is so cute too, so you really can't go wrong!


(Sephora, $18)

23. Glossier Balm Dotcom

If you want to look like the cool girl who is in the know with beauty products, just buy this balm so you can be the cool girl who also has perfectly moisturized lips.

(Glossier, $12)

24. RMS Beauty Lip and Skin Balm


Can you keep a (Victoria) Secret? This is what the angels use on their VS runway show. And don't we all not so secretly want to be a VS angel?

(Sephora, $25)

25. Fresh Sugar Tulip Tinted Lip Treatment


Kiss your chapped lips goodbye with this little beauty. You can also deepen in color depending on the strength of the swipe across your lips. 

(Sephora, $24)

26. Jane Iredale Lipdrink Lip Balm

Medical strength strong but goes on as delicate as a soft kiss. The pretty pink color is perfect for every day wear. 


(Nordstrom, $17)

27. Hurraw! Black Cherry Tinted Balm

Tastes and smells like childhood but works like a charm in preventing and treated dry cracked lips. Who says you have to grow up?

(Amazon, $6.99)

28. Frank Body Lip Scrub


Chapped lips could leave your mouth looking reptilian and flakey. Paired as a duo, this scrub will gently exfoliate off any flakey skin, then apply the balm as a healing agent.

(Ulta, $12.95)

29. Sara Happ Lip Scrub Sparkling Pink Grapefruit

Another dry lip exfoliator that aids in the healing process of your little chappies. The grapefruit taste and smell is so delicious you'll be tempted to lick your lips the entire time.


(Sara Happ, $22)

30. Kaplan MD Lip Mask and Balm Duo

You read that correctly: A mask... for your lips! This duo treats cracked and irritated lips in just minutes. You’ll be kissing everyone on the street just to prove its potency afterward. 

(Walmart, $23)

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