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5 Reasons Capricorns Make The Most Amazing BFFs

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Everyone needs a best friend — someone who's there for them through thick and thin. If you're lucky, that someone's a Capricorn.

Here are 5 reasons why Capricorns are the absolute best friends you could ever have:

1. They give honest advice.

A Capricorn may be brutally honest, but that trait is super valuable when you’re looking for real advice. Capricorn’s will be kind, but they won’t sugar-coat it. If they know something’s in your best interest, they’re going to tell you, even if it’s hard for you to hear in the moment. With that kind of dedication to your long-term happiness, you want a Capricorn in your corner for sure!

2. They make you laugh.

You know that friend who doesn’t say much all night but then has the most hilarious one-liner at the most priceless moment? That’s a Capricorn. They’re insanely smart and have a wickedly sharp sense of humor — the perfect combination for the dry, witty sarcasm you need in your life.

3. They plan the best parties.

Capricorns are organized AF, so when they throw you a party, you’d better believe it will be freaking FLAWLESS. The perfect guest list, the best drinks, and an on-point playlist are just some of the things Capricorns will be sure to have at their soirees. And since they get everything done in advance, they’ll be right by your side to dance the night away instead of worrying about last-minute problems.

4. They're super well-connected.

Whether it’s an invite to a new exclusive club downtown or an interview for a spot at your dream company, Capricorns will have an in. They know exactly how to connect themselves to the right people and will bring you along to live the high life with them. Who doesn’t want to be part of the cool crowd?

5. They’re always there for you.

When you get dumped over the phone at 2 AM, you can count on your Capricorn BFF to be there in 20 minutes flat with Ben & Jerry’s and your favorite movie. With their fierce loyalty and nurturing spirit, they're the absolute furthest thing from a fairweather friend. And since Capricorns very selective about who they spend their time with, you can be sure they'll never leave you hanging once you're in their inner circle.