Strong Women Give Zero F*cks What Anyone Thinks Of Them

Lol byeeee.

Strong, Confident Women Don't Care What Men Think Of Them WeHeartIt

Woman can be so driven by the other people's opinions. 

A simple compliment or nasty jab can make us drastically cut our hair, change careers and stop wearing short skirts. For millions and bajillions of years we've been susceptible to stereotypes and willingly controlled by what men find attractive.

And let me tell you, it's an easy black hole to fall into. 

We can't help it. Attention from hot guys is f*cking awesome, and no one should be afraid to admit that they like it. 


But when said hot guy tells you you'd look so much cuter as a blonde, you best not be running to the nearest drug store to make an overnight transformation.



It's totally okay to enjoy the attention as long as you take it for what it really is: a completely temporary moment where the stars aligned and life was perfect (annnnd that you can reminisce on when you're feelin' chubby). 


It's totally NOT okay to take everything they say to heart and make any kind of change in your life based on their half-assed (and most likely drunken) words of wisdom. It's NOT okay to rearrange your plans/outfit/furniture or anything you like to impress a guy or make him feel more comfortable. 

I'm gonna go all middle school counselor on you for a minute and tell you that the only way to truly be happy and confident is to be your damn self. 

You have to live like you don't need the validation from anyone else that you're really living. That means taking everybody else's opinions out of the equation. 



The simplest way to make sure most of (don't be totally narcissistic okay?) your actions/decisions are based on what YOU want and not anyone else, is to ask yourself. 

What's the real reason you're doing XYZ? What's the outcome or reaction you're looking for?

Does it align with your personal goals and values?

Do you have any of those figured out or have you been spending all your time watching "Game of Thrones?" 


Take it from a pro bull-shitter: the first step to total confidence and being the strong, badass chicka you know you are, is to be brutally honest — and totally understanding — with yourself.