10 Reasons Women Who Cry During Movies Make The BEST Wives

Photo: Weheartit
woman crying movies

You are not alone.

I know this because I am one of those women who reads a book or watches a movie, or television show and will bawl my eyes out when someone dies/is killed/overcomes a huge obstacle to finally get their romantic happily-ever-after. 

I’m not just talking about those heart-crushing movies like The Fault in Our Stars or The Notebook or Bambi. I’m talking about Big Hero 6, Harry Potter, Les Miserables, and Game of Thrones (ok…so I’m pretty sure everyone has cried during at least one death on Game of Thrones but still).

It’s become a joke amongst my friends if they need to bring tissues out for me because I’ll cry my eyes out whenever we see a movie together. To which I defiantly say I don’t and then of course end up using my shirt sleeve to try to hide my tears.


So trust me when I say: you are not alone.

But here’s a secret that you probably already know if you’re also one of these awesome women: crying during movies is totally normal. What you might not have realized is that it also means we are PERFECT girlfriend and wife material!

Yeah, most of you naysayers will scoff and go “Pffft. Yeah right. You’re just saying that to save face.”

Well, we’re here to prove you wrong.

Here are 10 reasons why women who cry during movies make the best wives EVER!

1. We are healthier people!


Crying is actually good for you, according to science! It can help you relieve stress, lower your blood pressure and even improve your mood. Who doesn't want a healthy spouse?

2. We are sympathetic and empathetic.


When we're crying during a movie, it's because we can understand how the characters are feeling, even if we aren't going through the same thing. We understand their hopes, dreams and fears. We know how they must feel if they lose someone they love. Don't you want a girl who will understand how you feel when you explain it to her?

3. We are caring people who tend to think about others, oftentimes before we think about ourselves.


When we cry it's because we care about the characters as if they were real people. Just image how much we would care for those who are really in our lives and care for us back!

4. We aren’t afraid to show our emotions.


Yes that means crying sometimes but it also means laughing and smiling and showing you just how much we love you.

5. We tend to be optimists who love to be happy.


You're probably thinking this is backward as we are crying right? Except think about this: we cry because something sad happens, yes, but also when someone overcomes all of their obstacles to finally get what they want.

We know bad things happen in life but we don't believe it's always bad. We try to see the good and find the reasons to smile. Who doesn't want a smiling wife?

6. We’re passionate about everything we do.


From books to TV to movies, to loving you, and yes, even to the bedroom: There is nothing we don't give our all to, including you.

7. We’re good listeners.


We listen to what people say both with their words and their body language and we don't judge.

We sit there and give it our full attention so you know you can always come to us for advice.

8. We’re super strong emotionally.


Yes, we cry. That doesn't mean we are weak at all! In fact, the fact we can feel so deeply and so purely and then, once the movie is done, continue with our lives shows just how emotionally strong we are.

So if things are going wrong, know we can hold our own weight and we won't crumble.

9. We’re serious people (but not too serious).


We get so invested in something not real, think of how invested we'll be in something real.

You know that with us, you’ll get someone real who won’t run when things start to get serious (I mean, we sit through the movies we know will make us cry).

10. We have a heart.


...And it's a pretty big one at that. We're crying for people who we don't know — people who don't even exist.

That can only mean we have a heart and one we can definitely open up to love you too if you'll let us.