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If I Give You A Second Chance, You Better Prove You're Worth It

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What To Do If You Get A Second Chance After A Breakup

Just like everything is life, breakups can be temporary. 

Sometimes the so-called end happened in the heat of the moment and all you both needed was a period to cool off and realize how much you mean to each other. Maybe she dumped you and at first you were pissed, but now you’ve realized you want to be together. 

Second chances do happen, and they can be a beautiful thing. 

You’re human, we get it. We’re all flawed and say and do stupid things we sometimes later regret.

But just as we understand that you’re not perfect, we need you to understand that we won’t put up with BS. 


We’re not going to take you back if things aren’t going to change. Issues need to be addressed, and problems need to be discussed.

That being said, if you want your girlfriend back, you’ve got a small window to prove you’re worth her reconsideration. 

I’d say 3-5 days, max. 

Sure, it sounds a little tough, but you broke our hearts. You hurt us. You made us think you didn’t care about us as much as we thought.

And making up for that is gonna require a little effort. 


After a breakup, you should give her space if she asks for it. Respect whatever wish it is she has of wanting to talk to her or not.

But if the opportunity is there, and she is willing (which all you have to do is ask her), then you need to start trying to win her back. 

How you ask? Simple.

Treat her like you would when you first met her.

When you were first trying to get her to notice you and go out with you. Ask her on a date, buy her flowers, decorate her car or her front door with some romantic ass shit. Don’t be like creepy about it (especially if she’s made it clear that she doesn’t want you back), but make a real, honest effort to show her you care about her. 


Also, here’s a short list of what you absolutely shouldn’t do, just in case you’re not really listening: 

  • Don’t call her late at night and ask to come over. 
  • Don’t call/message/text/email her when you’re drunk and tell her you miss her
  • Don’t try to hit on her friends to make her jealous
  • Don’t ask her if she’s talking other guys or about her dates or anything about her love life that doesn’t have to do with you
  • Don’t make her feel bad about breaking up, no guilt trips
  • Don’t tell her how sad and upset you are because of her, see above
  • And don’t threaten her with your absence to make a decision. 

Winning someone back is a task that requires the upmost honesty and vulnerability.

If you’re not willing to let your ego down and show her how you feel and make her feel like she’s the best thing that ever fucking happened to you, then please, leave her alone. 

She deserves better.