A Woman Had Sex While Wearing A Fitbit And Wow, Results Are INSANE


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Masters and Johnson would have benefited by having a Redditor named noveltysin help them research sex. Noveltysin shared on the forum r/dataisbeautiful what happened when she had sex while wearing her Fitbit.

"Started after foreplay, so the preceding 20 mins are untracked," she explained when asked how she managed to reach orgasm approximately six minutes in. When challenged about whether she truly could orgasm that quickly, she responded, "Man, now I gotta defend my orgasm to a bunch of strange dudes. Wait, no I don't." 


The results show what happened to her heart during the eight minutes of sex.

Photo: Imgur

It's her notes on the graph that are so charming with "condom on," "I'm on top," "knees give out," "him on top," "he orgasms," "I aftershock," and finally, "take a breather."


The monitor recorded an average of 109 beats per minute (bpm) which is in the fat-burning range (for those who are interested in the added benefits of sexual activity), which peaked at 123 bpm during noveltysin's first orgasm. Noveltysin describes herself as fit with a resting heart rate of 60 bpm.

Many of the commenters fixated on the time.

ChefBreadstick wrote, "Wow. 8 minutes. That's like... 7 more minutes than me." And miserablebastardfromthenorth wrote, "8 minutes? Probably still longer than my last relationship." And fairybug, questioning noveltysin sharing in the first place, said, "I'm not sure I'd post a measly 8 minutes. That's a teensy little quickie. Won't her boyfriend be embarrassed?" 

But noveltysin stayed positive and felt no need to justify her stats.


"Everyone focuses on the time," noveltysin said. "I lose track of it. Time stops, I'm happy." Plus, don't forget: she had a mini-orgasm (or aftershock, as she called it) as an extra added bonus. "Yay women parts," she cheered.

This seems like a very successful experiment and people everywhere are going to test out their own Fitbits while having sex. Well, you know... for science.