The Only Guy Who Deserves You Is The One Who Thinks He Doesn't

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The Men Who Deserve Your Love Don't Believe They Do

Sometimes when you're single, it feels like no one else in the entire world is. Like you're the lone sailor on an open sea of solo Netflix binges and table for ones. 

In these moments — which for you I hope they are few — it's easy to get desperate and feel like the clock is ticking. Loudly. And right in your face. 

While it's totally normal to feel all of the ups and downs being an independent chicka, it shouldn't be an excuse to compromise your values for love and commit to someone who's not right for you. 

So if that guy who just last week you found super annoying is now starting to looking kind of enticing, it might be time to shut your self in your apartment and ride this lonely wave out. 


Who you choose to commit to, with the idea of creating a future together is a really big deal. It's not something you should take lightly. 

Relationships run your life, in both good ways and bad. And while you can't always choose your family or your co-workers, your romantic partner is definitely within your control.

And trust me on this, nothing is worse than getting entangled with someone who isn't good for you. 

If you're not careful, and don't keep your standards up front and center, then you could wind up with someone who is toxic to your life and your progress. And longer and longer you date, the harder it is to get out of the relationship. 


So even if you're feeling a little blue about being single, it's better to stay single then end up with the wrong person.

Not only are you wasting your time, but you're also wasting his and it just is a whole lot of unnecessary drama that could be avoided if you were both honest and up front about what you want. 

The person who deserves you is the person who understands you, who sees your value and wants to add something positive to your life. And they see you as an addition to theirs. They want to brag about you and can't believe how lucky they are to have you. 

When you compare this dream guy, to your current potential suitors, who would you chose?

Emily Blackwood is an editor and writer who covers relationship, entertainment and news as well as pop culture.