25 Adorable Ways To Say ‘I Love You’ With Actions Instead Of Words

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how to say i love you

Beyond just saying the three magic words.

All relationships are important: family, friends, children, spouses, significant others. All of them have a special place in our lives. The most important thing we can ever do in a relationship is tell them how much we love them

Yes, you can just say the words "I love you" or write them, but honestly, it's not enough.

Ever heard of the saying "Actions speak louder than words"? While the words might be hard to get out at first, once said, they are easy to repeat. We are not saying that they don't mean anything because of course they do. We are saying that you need to back it up with your actions. Show us you love us. 

Not sure how? Here are 24 ways creative ways to say I love you without actually saying it.

1. Leave her a note.

It doesn't have to be a note that says I love you. It can say anything, like a quote, to tell her that you absolutely love her.

2. Make her a care package of things she will like.

If you know she's just starting her period, make a care package of chocolate and candy you know she likes. If you know she has a nerve-wracking meeting, make her a you can do this care package. Something to tell her you are paying attention to her and that you want to help her in any way you can.

3. Surprise her with random gifts.

Obviously, jewelry and expensive things are a good choice but it can also be a cute teddy bear you saw on your way home. Or a massage gift certificate because you know she's been stressed. 

Buying her anything when there is no reason (meaning it's not an anniversary or a birthday) is enough to tell someone you love them.

4. Offer to do some of the housework for her without her even asking. 

Seriously, if you just take out the garbage without us having to remind you 400 times. Or offer to wash the dishes after dinner (especially if she cooked it). Trust me, helping out as much as you can is enough to remind her how much you love her.

5. Hold her hand.

Just reach over and hold her hand while driving, walking, in the theater, at dinner — anywhere just to let her know that you want to be close to her.

6. Offer to watch something you know she’s been dying to see with her, even if you have no interest.

If she were to sit down and watch a sports game with you, wouldn't that make you happy and know that she loves you and wants to spend time with you? Exactly. So do the same for her.

7. Make her a meal or bring home some food if you don’t cook (bonus points if you serve it to her in bed).

There are recipes that even those with with little to no cooking experience can try! But putting in the effort to make dinner is enough to take her breath away.

If cooking is really not your thing, then please don't. The last thing she needs is for you to burn down the house or make a huge mess she has to help clean up. Instead, order something a little more expensive, a little nicer or from that place that she's always wanted to try.

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8. Ask her about her day before you even begin to think about talking about your own.

It's important to let her know that you care about her more than you need to talk about herself. Show her you are not your first priority: she is.

9. Give her the last piece of cake, the last scoop of ice cream, or the last slice of pizza.

There is nothing sexier than when a guy is willing to sacrifice for her and sacrificing the last piece of food is the ultimate declaration of love.

10. Take her out on a romantic date.

It doesn't matter if you just started dating, have been together for years, are newlyweds or have been married for decades. Let them know you still find them as sexy as when you were first dating them and trying to impress them.

Going on the occasional romantic date or getaway will help you stay in that blissful honeymoon stage and remind you both of how much you love each other.

11. Give her a genuine compliment.

Obviously, this is something you should be doing all of the time but give her an extra compliment. Tell her how pretty she looks when you know she's put a lot of effort in or how sexy you find her. A woman feels more loved when she feels good about herself. 

12. Send her a playlist of songs that make you think about her.

I know, mixtapes are so out of fashion. But make her a playlist on one of the 20 different music apps full of songs that just speak to your relationship and how you feel about her. Music often says the words we can't always express so share with her the feelings you can't explain.

13. Set up a super fun surprise activity.

It could be a Nerf gun with a note challenging them to a full on Nerf war. It could be a scavenger hunt to leave clues to the bedroom or (more romantically) a place of special meaning for you both.

It doesn't have to cost that much (or even anything), but showing you are willing (and wanting) put in some time and effort to bring a smile to her face will let her know just how much you love her.

14. Bring home flowers.

It may sound like a cliché, but it's a cliché for a reason. Besides, when was the last time you actually bought her flowers?

15. Send a random text in the middle of the day to let them know you’re thinking about them.

A "good morning" text first thing in the morning if you spent the night apart or if you left before she got up. A simple "I miss you" during the day. It may sound redundant but taking a moment out of your day to send a text, no matter how quickly you typed it out, shows you think about her during the day.

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16. Open the doors for her.

She doesn't have to be a damsel in distress for you to be chivalrous. She might be the most feminist, independent woman, but she still appreciates when you hold the door open for her or pull out a chair every once in a while.

17. Wake up earlier to help with the children to let her sleep in a while longer.

Obviously this one only applies if you have kids, but since women need more sleep than men according to science, sacrificing a little of your sleep so she can sleep in is a beautiful way to let her know just how much you love her.

18. Ask her about her favorite show that just aired and actually listen while she freaks out about what happened.

It helps if you know at least some of the characters names but even if you don't, asking her about the things she loves (even if you don't) is a nice and subtle way to let her know how much you care about her. 

19. Call her when you know she has a spare moment, just to hear her voice.

If you can't actually speak to her, leave her a voicemail that she can listen to in her free time. Calling her is a step above sending a text message because it simply takes longer to make a phone call than to send a text and because talking on the phone (especially since who talks on the phone any more?) is so much more personal.

20. Flirt with her.

Flirting with her, even if it's corny and laughable, will make her smile and her heart beat just a little faster. If you're flirting, you are saying you still find her just as attractive as you always have.

21. Dance with her.

You don't have to take her to a restaurant with a dance floor and a band (this does not mean a club). You could simply play some music in your house and ask her for a dance. Or if you're at a wedding and all the couples are dancing, dance with her.

This is one of the most creative ways to say I love you. Let her know you just want an excuse to hold her close.

22. Send her something that makes you think of her (a GIF, a song, a love poem, etc.).

This doesn't have to be something you search for, although you totally can. If you find something that reminds you of her, send it to her: a song that comes on the radio, a GIF your friend sent you, a love poem or quote that you found on Instagram.

23. Learn to say it in a foreign language.

So technically this is actually saying "I love you." But it shows you put the time into learning how to say it (and no doubt required a bit of practicing to try to get it to sounds perfect).

Plus, is there really anything sexier than hearing the guy you love say "I love you" in a foreign language? Bonus points if you learn it in one of her favorite languages.

24. Kiss her.

Really simple. Just kiss her. 

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