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THIS Is The #1 Celebrity Woman Men Think About When Masturbating

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This Is the Celebrity Women Think About When Masturbating

Yes, masturbation is still kind of a taboo topic, especially female masturbation (which, yes, does and has always existed!), but self-pleasure shouldn't be a shameful topic. In fact, it's actually considered quite healthy.

In an interview with The Huffington Post, author and associate professor of Obstetrics and Gynecology, Dr. Lauren Streicher, said that health benefits include easier sleep, stress relief, happiness, and general comfort with your body. 

Last month, the designer and manufacturer of couple and solo vibrators, We-Vibe, surveyed 1,032 men and women in the U.S. about their masturbation habits and preferences. They discovered quite a bit of saucy information, including secret routines and celebrity fantasies. Be sure to keep these in mind while you're having some "me-time."

1. They have a masturbation routine.

Compared to single and married women, 62 percent of women in relationships revealed that they have a routine before and during their masturbation session, such as looking at adult content and photos, listening to music, or using a vibrator. 

2. They prefer toys over porn.

When routine gets boring, you have to spice it up! Eighty-two percent said they are always looking for something new to watch, and 91 percent of men believe that this spices up their "me time," while only 67 percent of women believe the same. 

It turns out, more women prefer using toys such as vibrators. We-Vibe found that 73 percent of women sometimes or always uses a toy, and are 16 times more likely to admit it. Only 22 percent of men agree that toys spice up "me time."

3. They often fantasize about celebrities.

More men (33 percent of those surveyed) tend to think about celebrities when masturbating, compared to only 19 percent of women. Single men, especially, fantasize about celebrities more compared to married men. 

And who headlines many of these men's sexual fantasies? None other than the gorgeous and talented Jennifer Lopez. For many women's fantasies, it's Channing Tatum, probably doing a number from Magic Mike.

4. They usually keep their sex lives secret.

This plays into the issue of a masturbation as a taboo topic. A quarter of those surveyed admit to never opening up about their sex life. In fact, We-Vibe found that at least 49 percent downplay or lie about their life.

But really, there's no need to be ashamed. Own your body, because it's yours and it's beautiful.