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10 Reasons Classy Women Make The BEST Wives

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10 Reasons To Date A Classy Broad

Whether you call her a lady, a diamond or a classy broad, there's something to be said for a self-contained woman who walks into a room with grace and elegance. These are the women who value the power of precision when it comes to speaking their minds and understand that manners go far beyond saying "please" and "thank you" (though those are both nice).

If you're looking to up your love and dating game, it's time to consider dating those with higher standards. Here are 10 reasons to date a woman who knows her worth.

1. She has manners.


This isn't a woman who is going to show up late, talk only about herself or act entitled when you do something nice for her. Instead, she will show appreciation, ask about your interests and opinions, and may even ask you what you'd like her to order for you if she arrives before you.

2. She can take a shot without getting sloppy.


Maybe she likes whiskey, cocktails, wine or a shot of tequila. Whatever her poison, she stops sipping before she starts stumbling.

3. She knows how to have a real conversation.


The great thing about a woman who expects more than emojis, sexual innuendos and selfies from men is that it stems from her own desire to have a real exchange of information. This woman prides herself on having something more to offer than "LOL," and you'll likely have a nice balance of wit and wisdom in your exchanges.

4. She will speak her mind.


She's not interested in playing head games or filling up her mental closet with question marks. If she has something to say, she will say it, and if she has a question, she will ask. She knows that the best way to gain understanding is to make point A and B and give you a chance to respond. Drama-free communication? That's hot.

5. She's not about yelling or throwing tantrums.


She learned a long time ago that grown ups use their inside voices, even when they have a point to get across.

6. She's not looking for a benefactor.


Yes, it's nice to be taken to dinner here and there, but this woman isn't sitting around waiting for some man to finance her dream lifestyle. In fact, the mere suggestion of that leaves her feeling a little insulted — she's not about to be bought.

She knows that expecting a man to "take care of her" is not only demeaning to her own capabilities, but she's aware of the unacceptable pressure that places on very good guys who are looking for a partner, not to be a benefactor.

7. She doesn't post "I have nothing to wear" pictures on Instagram.


We're not saying Kim was wrong for her naked selfie, we're just saying that in the mix of your 99 problems, that won't be one.

8. She's all about the give-and-take.


She doesn't ask for anything she's unwilling to give — love, honesty, integrity, respect, massages, oral sex... you name it.

9. She values intelligence.


Sure, she might enjoying skimming US Weekly, but she'll also be browsing the BBC.

10. She's genuinely gracious.


This is a woman who lives by her own set of values and therefore behaves in a way that is up to her own standards because of her character, not just to impress you. Expect her to thank you for a nice time on a date where everything went wrong, ask the old lady if she needs help carrying her bags, and respond diplomatically in areas where others would jump at the chance to gossip and gripe.

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