That Time We Had Quick, Dirty, Smokin' HOT Sex In A Cloud Forest

Surrounded by mountains and clouds, we f*cked.

We Had Sex In A Cloud Forest weheartit

We had sex in a cloud forest. We had quick, dirty, side-of-the-road, watching-for-cars, next-to-cows sex in a cloud forest.

We're not really nature people. We're much happier on a terrace with a glass of sangria than trudging through mud and climbing our way through jungle. But there was no ice-cold sangria where we were.

We were in a small city in Ecuador called Mindo. Mindo is known for its waterfalls and tropical birds, and 100 percent humidity and climbing to the tops of mountains whose peaks happen to be above the clouds.


So, we opted out of the 7 km uphill hike on a mountain already 4,000 feet above sea level. We took a mud-covered, puddle-splashing, stray-dog-lingering walk down a beaten road through the tropical greenery.


We were alone down a road that seemed unused, except for a lone woman gathering water from a stream. Every so often, a 4×4 would drive by, packed with Ecuadorians not giving a damn if they covered us in puddle water with their wheels.

And then we found a bend in the road, and like most stories start, my partner turns and says, "We should have sex here." With the sound of only the birds around us, we did exactly that.

My pants dropped to my knees, our tourist water bottle fell to the ground, and we managed to connect our bodies so he could penetrate me from behind. Surrounded by mountains and clouds, we f*cked — quick, dirty, side-of-the-road, watching-for-cars sex.


With only the cows nearby, he finished, both of us covered in sweat. We slid on our pants and continued down the road with cum dripping through my underwear.

A 4×4 passed, we ducked out of the way of the puddle-splash, and went about our day like we hadn't just had sex in a cloud forest.